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  1. daddy may be the worst song in her catalogue so until the end of time
  2. this was so hard lmao but i vote for flawless remix
  3. sweetener > thank u, next>positions>dangerous woman>my everything>yours truly but sweetener and tu,n switching spots every other month
  4. i'm listening to this album for the first time in order in like 3 years and i forgot how good it was although i must say this result is questionable
  5. heal and holding on for life deserved better
  6. i'm so excited!! is it too much to hope for a medley with dynasty/xs? or maybe xs/bad friend
  7. this guy just asked me out for tmr lana2 haven't been on a date since summer 

    1. Ariana


      better get laid sis


    2. freakumdress


      will keep u updated hottie1

  8. why is the new meghan trainor EP good... like good GOODwat3

  9. golden hour has been out for a whole year soon and it hasn't gone a day without me thinking about it


  10. seriously thinking about getting a kacey/golden hour related tattoo lana7

  11. i've always loved sweetener but tun really made me appreciate it even more. After listening to tun all week, sweetener sounds so cute. the two really are like twins cry9

  12. intro 1. The Light Is Coming 2. Bloodline / Side To Side (Nickis S2S verse as transition) 3. R.E.M. 4. Only 1 (shortened) 5. Bad Idea (extended outro) interlude 6. God Is A Woman 7. Dangerous Woman 8. Break Free 9. Breathin 10. Fake Smile 11. Get Well Soon interlude 12. NASA 13. Problem (shortened) 14. 7 Rings 15. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored 16. Into You 16. Greedy (shortened) 17. Needy 18. Ghostin interlude 19. Goodnight N Go 20. My Everything (shortened) 2