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  1. beyoncé knowles

    pedophiles use google too so im not surprised
  2. beyoncé knowles

    hobo johnson
  3. beyoncé knowles

    from modern pop music it would have to be meghan trainor and jessie j's entire album discography . i do not think i will ever listen to it
  4. i love this whole thing omg so sweet
  5. beyoncé knowles

    seek help darling
  6. beyoncé knowles

    tbh as a black lgbt+ person i wouldn't call that "trend hopping". i'd call that stealing black art and then profiting off of it
  7. beyoncé knowles

    she's probably the biggest pop star of all time based off of just sales, longevity n impact. so no she's not "overrated". however, the quality of her discography is very debatable though. each to their own, but the lack of quality in her music compared to her contemporaries from every decade is noticeable.
  8. beyoncé knowles


    coming for aoty along with b7. yup yup yup
  9. beyoncé knowles

    all equally shit who cares
  10. i would love to see nobody attend tbh cause f*ck the grammys, but i will be stanning for my girl
  11. beyoncé knowles

    hopefully never
  12. beyoncé knowles

    idk about boyfriend but the gift deserved darling an amazing blend of african cultures fuck the sales
  13. beyoncé knowles

    the fact that lil nas x was nominated for an aoty with a 7 track ep should tell you all that you need to know. it has always been a completely trash award show not to mention where is solange? she got 0 noms for wigh...
  14. beyoncé knowles


    will it? awards like these move funny
  15. Will she even attend? Probably not I like the categories she's been put inside of. Although I only think she has a chance of winning "Best Music Film" and "Best Song Written For Visual Media". She won't win the others...