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  1. this so beautiful! like the way she's connecting the diaspora through music. it's been done before but wow i never thought i'd see yemi alade on a track with bey. love this!
  2. i wish she would and i think she will branch out for different sonics & producers in her next era. so at some point she'll change...
  3. sofia


    honestly...iconic. with 100k? wow she did that...
  4. Beyoncé finally decided to update one of her certifications and its Lemonade's pure sales! Let's hope she certifies some other stuff too. 2 million. Iconic...
  5. sofia

    "dont turn this into a race thing" s'good thing to say to black people huh? oh yeah hit the nail on the head there sis it really show's i dont tolerate the actions of those people but ure delusional if u think the hive is the only stanbase to ever raid someones insta. plenty of stanbases have done so before. painting one as evil is hilarious when gaga stans and madonna stans could just as easily be painted as racist, white rats
  6. sofia

    funny how the stanbase with biggest amount of black gays always manages to get the white gays pressed. barbz, navy & hive etc. just a coincidence i guess
  7. never knew that hrmmm but it still seems like a lot
  8. I feel like sis has way too much work ahead of her. she needs to cut down on that set list. she's doing 30 tracks on every one of the 81 dates in the space of six months. something like 20 or so tracks would be better katy did a 115 date tour with a 20 track set list and they gave her a year. britney did the femme fatale tour with 79 dates in the same amount of time as ariana but her set list was also shorter at 21 tracks. am i overreacting or is this a valid concern? like she did talk about her mental health not being in a good place and this just seems like way too much
  9. sofia


    another bop, but it's time for an album now cause at this rate she's serving us an album a single at a time...
  10. sofia

    Music Video

    miss shalae!!! cmon black trans girls!
  11. sofia

    nice band... shame it isnt an hbcu band like beys which is vastly different
  12. sofia


    thats's true. i hope the tour goes well but i've been waiting for an album since 2012 so
  13. sofia

    chile...im not your sis and we should explain what exactly? you're the one who's got explaining to do if you're denying the fact that taylor very clearly ripped off bey's homecoming hbcu swag in such close proximity. yet to see anything factual from y'all that disproves mayochella...
  14. sofia

    well... if you're being loud and wrong we gon call you out for it