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  1. sofia


    here is mine in no order. some can go and some can stay idk i made it really fast...
  2. cardi has had one successful era...
  3. oh well... there goes that why did i believe she stood a chance? the emmy's neglected lemonade like im such a fool...
  4. sofia

    if what nicki says is true imma stan sis harder but if she’s trolling im going to kick her jaw. if she's really serious about taking a break or retirement & if sis wants to have children let ha do it. nicki held us down for over a decade. if she leaves the game now she left whilst she’s on top. she can do what she wants now...
  5. sofia

    girl im not about to draw this out cause im not a barb but if u wanna open your mouth on a subject and willfully be wrong don't act like you didn't care enough to talk about it cause you are here aren't you? why are you surprised that people will correct others?
  6. sofia

    Kanye West, Frank Ocean & Kid Cudi.
  7. sofia

    this was a reference to the shaderoom making fun of her body and she wanted to drag them by being mean instead of nice. pointless thread
  8. i really don't know if ur throwing shade probably are but,,, she has come up quite a bit
  9. She has had two "hits" with "Boo'd Up" and "Trip". Her album is mediocre but somewhat enjoyable. However, she just doesn't stand out at all. Kiana Ledé, Summer Walker and her have similar sonics. At best she's a Jhené Aiko clone. Do you think she can reinvent herself on her second studio album or is this her peak? I do like her music and hope she can but...
  10. sofia

    Motivation > Lover > Cross You Out > Any song on Young Thugs new album "So Much Fun" > Any song on A$AP Fergs new album "Floor Seats" > Slide Away
  11. sofia

    The Nicki Minaj and Cardi B feud is the biggest here one for me, but the artist who is not to be discussed on this forum has had the most entertaining feuds this decade in my opinion even though the media didn't cover a lot of them.
  12. sofia

    It's album time. She better drop it soon...