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  1. If her daughter was truly unaware that sucks hard. Thinking you got into a high profile school because you are smart enough only to find out you flopped hard and your mom is going to jail for faking it...
  2. IKnowPlaces


    Touring is a lock.
  3. Not even surprised. Hope the lady has the email for evidence too.
  4. IKnowPlaces

    And the only things related to race i can find are her saying "the idea of reverse racism is ridiculous".
  5. IKnowPlaces

    Yeah "MTV unplugged 2.0", it wasnt any real success, mediocre reviews and didnt sell well. Also, it was like.... acoustic folk music... Something her fans probably weren't dying for.
  6. IKnowPlaces

    That and being dissatisfied with the industry. From what i understand her recent appearances at festivals and such arent always well received by the audience due to "erratic behavior", whatever that entails.
  7. IKnowPlaces


    Man, i remember playing modern warfare 2 and hearing this on the radio first time Deserves more than 300 million though
  8. IKnowPlaces

    Celeb News

    Hm, Katy has supported Stonewall, Dedicated Firework MV to It Gets Better project, said she supported LGBT rights waay back in 2008, voted against prop 8, blasted Tony Abbott because he was against it and some more stuff related to gay marriage before it was legal. I'd say any of them would be fine. Now, if Taylor won it i'd say that. She has voiced support (Tweeted about gay marriage becoming legal, played KOMH for that gay couple, gay swifties who have met her say shes awesome about it, friends w/ Todrick) but hasnt really done anything "activisty"... Granted TS hasnt been political until October 2018 so. I would like to see Kesha win something, i always see Madonna & Gaga getting praise but never Kesha.
  9. IKnowPlaces

    Celeb News

    Queen of homosexuals
  10. IKnowPlaces


    @ the "You might think im bulletproof but im not" part. i recently found this girl, she has taste.
  11. IKnowPlaces


    Maybe it got fixed. Its on her spotify profile pinned up top. Unfortunately its pinned as "By ke$ha" for some reason.
  12. IKnowPlaces

    Would Nicki lie and say "I got sent a bomb/mass murder threat!" Yeah probably.
  13. Isnt she now the most awarded artist? Thats what? TCA (Solo only unfortunately with 25, 1D has 28), BBMA and now IHRA?
  14. IKnowPlaces


    I didn't expect anything to drop or a performance so im not pressed But WTF why did they cut off Maren Morris? Couldnt spare a few seconds? The disrespect
  15. When will the universe give Louis a break.