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  1. If her daughter was truly unaware that sucks hard. Thinking you got into a high profile school because you are smart enough only to find out you flopped hard and your mom is going to jail for faking it...
  2. Not even surprised. Hope the lady has the email for evidence too.
  3. IKnowPlaces

    And the only things related to race i can find are her saying "the idea of reverse racism is ridiculous".
  4. IKnowPlaces

    Yeah "MTV unplugged 2.0", it wasnt any real success, mediocre reviews and didnt sell well. Also, it was like.... acoustic folk music... Something her fans probably weren't dying for.
  5. IKnowPlaces

    That and being dissatisfied with the industry. From what i understand her recent appearances at festivals and such arent always well received by the audience due to "erratic behavior", whatever that entails.
  6. IKnowPlaces

    Would Nicki lie and say "I got sent a bomb/mass murder threat!" Yeah probably.
  7. When will the universe give Louis a break.
  8. I never thought Aunt Becky would be on the run... Shes probably on some island in the Caribbean or in Rio right now
  9. IKnowPlaces

  10. IKnowPlaces

    I am a dumb slut with zero reading comprehension so voted sexuality despite being gay myself I wouldn't date someone 15+ years older than me (Not shading all you elderly folk but the thought of 60 year dudes getting 20 year olds preggo is an instant turn off ) or someone convicted of a violent crime... maybe a thief if they seem straight and narrow. But no repeat offenders.
  11. IKnowPlaces


    Thought they had to have alot of people endorse it? Because people kept requesting them and then no one ever used the artists.
  12. i was expecting like 5 years *max* if he even gets anything. Its 16 counts of absolute just dumb shit and wasted police time... Not worth 48 years . His reputation is fucked and he'll be a total joke of a felon with a dead career after he gets out.
  13. I seen a few verifieds on Twitter say he would take a plea to avoiding facing prison? If true i hope his entertainment career is dead, he doesn't deserve empire .
  14. Stage Four doesn't have a high survival rate . Didn't he just get a brain tumor removed?
  15. IKnowPlaces

    Celeb News

    The "Massive" part is extra worrying. You've got someone like frankie muniz who has suffered a couple "mini strokes" and lost parts of his memory (He has trouble recalling his Malcolm in the middle days) and someone like WWE superstar Bret hart who crashed his bike and landed directly on the back of his head which triggered a stroke and paralyzed his entire left side (He recovered most of his movement but it ended his career outside of guest appearances over the years). My great uncles son in law had a stroke a few weeks ago and cant do anything but squeeze a hand. The presence of "Massive" has me thinking Luke might be a vegetable as you said. .