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  1. I guess people are just waiting for the officially "official" numbers published by box score sites and what not
  2. The show was still sold out no matter how you try to spin it Xtina selling out shows internationally without needing a hit era while everyone else's faves has to work constantly in order to do the same
  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Reminds me of Back to Basics gone dark. It's so catchy too, and the production goes so well with her playful voice! BUY AND STREAM
  4. @COOKIES Lauryn Hill literally released ONE classic album, and she's still managing to tour because of it alone despite being constantly late or cancelling shows. Xtina will be ok. She hasn't toured in 12 years, do you know how long that is for a pop star? That's a generation gap right there. She can be a touring force again but she needs time to build that. No one becomes an arena or stadium seller straight out of the gate. Not Pink, not Beyonce. And with the insanely positive reviews her Liberation tour received plus Vegas press, that only motivates people who were skeptical to actually
  5. Exactly!!! And literally all but two artists they posted are new and in their twenties. Like go rewatch Xtina's debut, Stripped, and even Back to Basics eras if you want that. She was young back then and not a mom. Xtina has also stated time and time again that she is not fond of the music industry and its games and honestly, after how she was treated during the Bionic era (and this entire decade) by radio, the media, and even some of her "fans" heck I would be sick of the music industry too. She was ripped to shreds from 2010-2013 by everyone. Why would she want a commercial comeback right no
  6. Since 2018 she has released an album, gone on a North American tour, done a Las Vegas residency, toured Europe, and is about to tour Latin America starting with Mexico. She was also nominated for two GRAMMYs and has a new song coming out this Friday for The Addams Family soundtrack. It's fine if you feel like you're moving on from her but just don't turn into one of those haters who are ex-stans. She already said she doesn't care if her album flops back in the Liberation era. Yes it's disappointing but the new music is acclaimed and great so who cares?
  7. When did I say that? What matters most when it comes to Xtina is her voice, and no one can deny she's NAILING the ballads and some of the uptempos. During Lotus, even her performances were messy and not just her looks. She has improved so much so it all boils down to you just wanting her to lose weight and the fillers
  8. Yes and YES. The complaints about her this era are so overblown. Like have some of you forgotten what she looked like during the Lotus era? I'm not talking about her body, but HOW she carried herself. The tacky hair extensions, clownish makeup, clothes, orange tan, etc. All of it aged her and made her look washed up. I LOVE how stripped back the Liberation era was look wise. But to me, peak Xtina will always be B2Btina. Lotus should have been the second Baby Jane.
  9. Love that Liberation era pic so much! Can't wait to see her
  10. B2B era was flawless in every which way. After all, it gave us that legendary James Brown tribute performance at the GRAMMYs. During Stripped she was going for more notes but there was more strain imo. Both are brilliant and flawless in the studio versions but B2B has it beat in live performances. For instance, the B2B tour >>>>>>> the Stripped tour in terms of vocals
  11. Nothing Fails takes me to church Easy Ride is timeless and a brilliant album closer Torn between Die Another Day and Mother and Father
  12. SO good. Gospel queen I can't believe Billboard ranked this LAST in their debut ratings! But we been knew her debut is so good that even their #12 is a #1
  13. And it shouldn't since her voice is in brilliant shape and anyone would be lucky just to experience "Twice" live alone. Hope you have a great time!!