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    Queen of Kmart, cardi could never
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    Celeb News

    I'll wait for the full hqthis is...
  3. Okay but one of those cities is now thinking of easing up on their gun laws so citizens can protect themselves. I'm sorry, but outlawing guns does nothing to stop shootings from happening HERE. The United States is an overly fucked up country through and through and criminals will still get their hands on weaponry and the cycle will continue. Look at Chicago, they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country and yet their gun-related crimes are also still some of the highest in the country. So while strict gun laws may help in other areas of the world, it won't help here. Sad, isn't it? That's like making drug laws stricter and the punishment more severe... People are still going to use, buy, and create. Anyway, on-topic; Good for her for doing what is within her power to help these cities in their time of need and thereafter! A good and well-funded education goes a very long way in how the younger generations turn out in terms of success and such.
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    His music is boring and idk why anyone finds him attractive... As stated-- if he ever sued, it'd never make it beyond filings.
  5. It's crazy that most of her career has involved the lawsuit. I remember bopping to Tik Tok and Take It Off along with Boys Boys Boys by Gaga at a huge party I went to back when all these songs were new
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    Marketing done right. You go Rih
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    I'm sure everyone working for her thinks the same thing At least use a professional artist for self promotion
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    It's an awful song, she needs to stop doing collabs with people... None of them are good. Not even the features she's had on her albums.
  9. Fingers crossed she releases like 8 more albums before going to a Vegas residency deal idk why but her doing this cruise again made me think of vegas residencies
  10. The first one was fantastique. I'm down to go again, but the good sis needs to release K4 for God's sake.
  11. Because that's all the stan base has left to hold on to anymore. Without it holding this record, it'd be just as forgotten as the remainder of her "hits".
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    Idc about her love life, it sucks she sucks at love Give us LG6 bitch