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  1. Oh don’t get me wrong, all their accents were terribly done… But none of them are winning an award except Gaga Who, arguably, was one of the worst in the movie.
  2. They’re trying to stop password sharing…? Again? I feel as though I read something like this every year and nothing happens.
  3. Already bought tickets to the Chicago show. Hopefully it’s nothing like Enigma, she was awful throughout that whole… Thing…
  4. Best actress? Her accent needed SO much work. It was awkward 90% of the time. And she was stiff at various parts… Good for her, I guess
  5. I was worried Kanye would drive Kim into a mental institution… I’m worried that their kids will have to go through years of therapy…
  6. And yet a thread dragging Mariah has garnered 19 pages of posts and a sizable chunk of the sections here are dedicated to 90s fossils, but sure, no one discusses older music that often.
  7. It’s so nice to be warned ahead of time about nails on a chalkboard being blasted on the radio and plastered on streaming services.
  8. Judas Bad Romance Just Dance Alejandro Telephone … this one was hard
  9. Your point? The songs with higher streams are songs that were radio singles, there’s a huge drop from those to promo singles and non-singles, they were recommended to people (aka recommended playlists from Streaming services) based on them being radio singles… And I’m sure $$$. The album’s been out for two years now and has horrible streaming numbers because there wasn’t any promotion for it, there wasn’t a tour for it, and the only people left who even stream the album are fans who think songs like Sour Candy should’ve been a single. Lmao. Delusions, delusions everywhere. Sit YOUR as