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  1. trashbanjo


    I read it as Chasing Thunder at first.
  2. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere buuuut...
  3. trashbanjo

    Celeb News

    Ahh! Thank you! This gives me hope there's actually a single coming soon followed by an album. 84Years.gif
  4. trashbanjo

    Celeb News

    How has this bitch heard it? Does she have a good relationship with Gaga? I haven't followed Grimes in a while so I'm quite out of touch.
  5. trashbanjo

    The singles from Lana's Born To Die should be included here too Summertime Sadness was huge albeit because of a remix but the albums lyrical content was quite different and a refresher to pop radio Lana's impact Oh and many of Adele's singles. Ha impact, too
  6. trashbanjo

    @Margerine Flange was @Agugaga all along. Exposed.
  7. trashbanjo


    Getting that promo and hype for a false rumored single release
  8. trashbanjo

    MTE Neither of them have promoted anything... Gaga's had a song leak and some POSSIBLE music video stills leaked and that's it. Not sure about Rih, I stopped following her music career a long time ago when I realized she didn't have one or even want one anymore.
  9. trashbanjo

    Good, the FOTPBot™ Github's had it for a few days. I see the AgugagaBot™'s been retired. Good choice. No amount of updates could fix that one. Always keep your devices up-to-date, folks.
  10. trashbanjo

    Did you do the software update?
  11. trashbanjo

    <insert The Fame + The Fame Monster tracks here>
  12. trashbanjo


    Ha impact Imagine being in a PR relationship for a song (and album) only to be passed up by a decade old song.
  13. trashbanjo