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  1. trashbanjo


    Is actually fantastic. I paid it so much dust and never paid much attention to this one. the lyrics are great the production is fantastic her vocals are stellar its an underrated bop tbh
  2. trashbanjo


    Telephone Retro Physical Alice Stache Heavy Metal Lover Bad Romance Aura No Way Judas Out of Control
  3. trashbanjo


    This x 1000000
  4. trashbanjo

    I love Chromatica, but this thread speaks for how much of a fad she is... ... Meant to drag Gaga and Chromatica, turns into a Brit vs. Madonna debate. The level of fad is unreal. Poor Gags.
  5. I mean, Madonna, Mariah, and Kyle should be sub-sections within one main section. But it’s whatever, I’m not a huge fan of either of the three.
  6. trashbanjo


    Yes! Revive the Lover era taytay
  7. 1. Replay 2. Alice 3. 911 4. 1000 Doves 5. Plastic Doll original: 1. Replay 2. 911 3. Plastic Doll 4. Sine from Above 5. Alice
  8. The guy who voices Cleveland is also quitting because of this.
  9. He’ll win but it won’t be for that much. I’m glad he’s going big with it, something needs to be done about these attention whores constantly falsifying stories about sexual assault and getting no repercussions because of it. THAT’S ridiculous and disgusting.
  10. trashbanjo


    We have to stan
  11. trashbanjo

    The only song of hers I like is Shameless... the rest are trash.
  12. It's one of the only songs left that's single-worthy so YES PLEASE
  13. trashbanjo


    One of the few songs featuring Ari that is a stable top 10 smash. We love to see it. Gaga and Ari, their impact
  14. She contributed immensely to this (forgotten) bop I’m here for ha
  15. I’ve had sex to Sexxx Dreams and Mary Jane Holland by Gaga... ... And Bad Decisions, Into You, Touch It, and Dangerous Woman by Ariana.