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  1. Ugh, I wish I still worked for McDonald’s. I’d steal entire cases of this shit.
  2. I picked mine up from Target. Two, actually, one for display, one for play.
  3. I don’t know her.gif jk. Hbd Cummatica! Has it really been a year
  4. Oh dear. I definitely thought it was going to be like Gaga featuring these artists No longer perched
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPZwkcNMmbB/ Big Freedia on Judas? I’m perched edit; I tried to do a proper preview. Mbd
  6. Just when we thought she couldn’t pander to and exploit anyone else…….
  7. Comes close sis Heavy Metal Lover is up there too
  8. Oh… I think so, actually, now that you say it. Time to investigate. After work.
  9. I’m against the whole “WhItE SuPrEmaCy” bullshit in most cases but only because it’s a widely and wildly abused term and more often than not, an over reach and over exaggeration of the term. But in this case and many others you can dig up… yeah… this is white supremacy and quite disgusting. I’m glad they got over it and owned their image and bodies! I’m not sure if this will be offensive to say… But they look better with dark skin tones. Those photos a few post above are… They look like zombies. Lol.
  10. Her being underaged and not wanting to be sexualized wasn’t the only point in her wearing baggy clothing, nor is she doing this photo shoot to show that she’s grown up and changed, the article alongside this shoot basically says she did it to say fuck you to anyone who judges, name calls, and demeans others for how they dress. Like she’s anticipating being called an unclassy slut with this photo shoot and her automatic response is “Fuck you. I’m a woman. It’s my body. I should be able to feel comfortable wearing whatever the hell I want and you all need to mind your own business, bite your ton
  11. Imagine not even being 20 years old and being labeled an ICON and LEGEND. Whew.