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  1. Alexa, play Piece of Me. poor Britney, the media will never leave her alone. I’m glad she’s sticking to just writing, for herself and others. The industry, nah, the world, was cruel to her. Why would she want that kind of stress and attention again? Now I’m wondering if any of these songs she’s had a hand in writing are already out there blasting on the airwaves?
  2. This. A fan getting stabbed. Brazil is WILD, good luck getting her back there next tour
  3. ARTPOP was a mess all the way thru but it was an iconic mess.
  4. My delulu ass wants to believe there’s a Warrior (Kesha’s Version) coming
  5. So we can probably expect RepTV next summer and DebutTV next winter or so? Seems like the pattern with these rerecords. One in summer, one in winter. im hypeddddd for 1989TV tho. I’m still jamming to SNTV.
  6. That’s because there isn’t anything racist about it or the music video. Lol.
  7. Her music’s been terrible since Rainbow. Half that album is shit and High Road was awful from start to finish. No wonder Luke didn’t want her to have all that much creative freedom.
  8. Y’all sound bitter. Congrats to her and I wish her all the happiness.
  9. He won’t. Chances are he won’t serve any time at all and if by some small off chance he does serve a little time in prison, it doesn’t and can’t stop him from running for President again. He wouldn’t be the first to do so. Lol
  10. I feel for her… That’s so terrible… but… Her next album will be her best. Omfg