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  1. trashbanjo

    Yes. They should. EVERYONE'S been waiting for it to happen and commonly have this thought. For sure.
  2. trashbanjo

    This bitch is so clueless and has her own head so far up her ass she decided to attempt arenas? I really hope this trash rat realizes she's a disgusting flop cunt.
  3. trashbanjo

    Celeb News

    She aborted it
  4. It's an accurate portrayal of today's media!
  5. trashbanjo

    Celeb News

    I hope this bodes well for her, she seems to be putting her all into this. Meanwhile, Haus Labs...
  6. She like... mashed up a few of her signature styles to make this the result was... not tragic, at least.
  7. Tbh I listen to TFM and ARTPOP at least once a month
  8. trashbanjo


  9. trashbanjo


    Lola is my least fav tbh
  10. Ngl Warrior is her best album it sucks it seems almost... scarring... for her. Dr Puke ruined what could've been a great era. OT: These colors seem more "in" than Gaga's.
  11. trashbanjo

    The rat goat deserves to rot and flop
  12. trashbanjo


    Maybe she's waiting for a tv performance spot?