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  1. Someone SNAPPED more than Tay's politicism. Calm down Sierra.
  2. trashbanjo

    Music Video

    I love that Ellen KNEW what hint Taylor dropped during Ellen because she was part of the hint.
  3. trashbanjo

    Music Video

    I spat my water I love this video! Her and Katy were so cute at the end
  4. trashbanjo

    Let her do what works, I guess. I find this era very... Katy Perry-Witness-y... it seems so random, thrown together, and a bit try hard. But, she's a smart artist and knows what to do to rake in the $$$
  5. Taylor while creating Fearless
  6. trashbanjo


    The one in the trailer is the worst one tho
  7. Taylor's biggest first week sales incoming. The stans she dragged are going to buy 5 of each edition. Smart woman.
  8. Rightfully so. Stan culture is unbelievably annoying and grating, I can't even imagine what it's like to be the one their stanning. Like, I do the annoying stan shit on here just as a joke... and I find it repulsive that there's people put there who act like that because that's the way they are. Anyway, this song is miles better than Me! and actually gave me goosebumps.
  9. Has there been any promo via American Idol? She should perform it on there.
  10. You never think how big of an impact musicians have on the GP until you see stuff like this. It's a similar situation to fans trashing the area where Bieber and Ed shot their video, except ya know... not trashing public property.
  11. She's widening her demographic. Get them toddler coin, Tay.
  12. The Con Calma remix cover has the same type of... avatar... that Taylor's used a few times... Get ready Kats and Swifties, collab is coming.
  13. This is great! Nice work
  14. Let's just move on to Sims 5 please. (They still have 2 years of content coming for 4 tho)