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  1. trashbanjo


    I'm just being like all the other LM and reading too much into her tweet about Fortnite. Since a fortnight = 14 days.
  2. trashbanjo


    Lead single at the end of this month. Album in February.
  3. It says 5% EACH. So... 5% to both of them? Yikes. 10% would be GENEROUS for ONE line in a song that wasn't even really their idea to begin with. I could see Lizzo and her team getting behind 5% TOTAL, 2.5% for each.
  4. trashbanjo


    Or did she...? LG6 lead coming in a fortnight!
  5. If it's so offensive, why do black people still say it? I'm sorry, but at that point, it's just hypocrisy. If somebody finds a word offensive when someone else, of another race in this situation, says it but it's being said "comfortably" by the one who finds it offensive, that's, again, hypocrisy.
  6. ... and her first post consists of a group photo of all 6 Friends cast members. 7m likes in 11 hours. Jen and Friends... their power
  7. Why do we have to use the word at all? Regardless of race? No one should be saying it, tbh.
  8. I know nothing of Kylie's tours, I'm afraid... I mean no shade when I say that... I only recently started listening to Kylie. So Rihanna.
  9. Red has just as many downfalls as it does highlights, I wouldnt agree it's #3 overall but it does deserve some recognition
  10. But it's not just bullshit. @Madonna is pretty damn accurate when it comes to receipts.
  11. trashbanjo

    It's to hide the hidden track, nothing unusual about this especially considering what generation of artists he's from.
  12. #CamilaCabelloIsOverParty This is the only hashtag of it's kind I'll support. She's such a disease to the industry.
  13. Tbh Wildest Dreams and Blank Space should be on this list too