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  1. I will not stand for this slander! Fun Tonight and Replay are easily in the top 5
  2. Wow, their teams must have put them through SO MUCH while recording ARTPOP.., the finished product isn’t something they’re particularly proud of. I hope they’ve both grown and can maybe tackle and push out an ARTPOP Pt 2 EP. I don’t think they’d release a full album... though, they could reissue it.
  3. The fact she put “Taylor’s Version” behind every single track.................. Sis... we know
  4. No. Adele wasn’t, isn’t and will never be a flop. She could drop an album tomorrow and it’d sell millions of copies and sell out almost everybody’s discography AGAIN. Adele isn’t really somebody you can compare with another artist and have it be a fair comparison.
  5. When is Billie becoming a main FOTP girl?
  6. It sucks her team forced her to say BJ was her most personal and intimate album ever just so they could cover their asses for forcing Britney to work and when she refused to, they paid a huge NDA settlement to Myah to keep her mouth shut about her vocals being presented to the public as Britney’s... This era was such a waste. BJ has a few highlights like Perfume (debatable), Now That I Found You, Alien, Don’t Cry and Work Bitch... They should’ve just pushed it as an EP.
  7. Mariah? Gaga? Ava is and always will be a joke. Then the way she tried saying the music industry is all about looks and not voice... Girl, you have neither.
  8. Lmao. Don’t tie in capitalism to this as a way to say capitalism = bad. poor dogs, poor dog walker! I hope they’re found ASAP!
  9. Stars Dance is stellar. I never understood the hate for it... Birthday is an always skip tho.
  10. Wait wait wait, a chunk of you bitched saying he should apologize when the documentary dropped... ... But now that he has, it’s inauthentic and he should’ve kept it? Pick a side.
  11. The fact Britney would be on it would already make it distinguishable from any other basic song rn. I’d love for her to release B10, but considering her situation, I’m just rooting for her happiness and well-being.