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  1. That’s what happens when you have to carry the entire pop music industry
  2. Like ha delaying her album because of COVID-19... She knows her album will flop compared to these younger, normal-nosed, artists.
  3. trashbanjo


    This thread should be renamed Cornelia Street
  4. trashbanjo


    The three above her tells us how the US has shitty taste
  5. trashbanjo


    Queen of knowing how to stay relevant, busy, and maintaining multiple careers. when will the others?
  6. trashbanjo


    Warrior Cannibal High Road Rainbow Animal Warrior is that bitch
  7. trashbanjo


    ok gaga jk This slays tho. Omg. Willing to bet the cover will change along with half the album tho
  8. trashbanjo

    Legit thought this was her sister Jamie at first
  9. trashbanjo

    Taylor is more so than Ari. The Man is only 2 months into its single run. but you’re right, TUN was over like a year ago.
  10. trashbanjo

    I thought the point of the featured artists sections was for new eras? Rihanna hasn’t started a new era nor as Madonna? I think? Lol. But yeah, kinda seems like Kesha’s era ended as soon as the album dropped... But do we really have anybody else with a new era to replace it with?
  11. trashbanjo


    The D.u.a. to Zara change... I didn’t even notice
  12. trashbanjo


    As someone who said Zara was on her way to saving Rap music... It took me four days to listen to Future Nostalgia. SNATCHED. AOTY INCOMING edit: phone literally autocorrect Rap to Rap edit: WHY DOES IT KEEP SAVIBG IT AS RAP AND NOT P.O.P.? Omgggggg edit2: is it because of the day? Omg fuck you guys and this day screenshotted for future laughs tho
  13. Gaga obviously knew about it. It’s her FATHER... and she used to post about being there and going here all the time. There’s no way she doesn’t know about it unless she’s had zero communication with anybody in her family over the past half a year. If her dad didn’t tell her about it, somebody else in her family did.
  14. trashbanjo

    Hung Up vs. All the Lovers Get Together vs. Get Outta My Way Sorry vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Future Lovers vs. Closer I Love New York vs. Everything is Beautiful Let It Will Be vs. Aphrodite Forbidden Love vs. Illusion Jump vs. Better Than Today How High vs. Too Much Isaac vs. Cupid Boy Push vs. Looking for an Angel Like It or Not vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Fighting Spirit vs. Heartstrings History vs. Mighty Rivers Superpop vs. Go Hard or Go Home Triggering vs. Silence COADF: 0 Aphrodite: 0
  15. trashbanjo


    LWYMMD was the best choice for the lead single. Not to mention it follows Taylor’s lead single pattern of being “controversial”. However... The rest of the single choices were just wrong choices. 1. LWYMMD (Aug 17) 2. IDSB (Nov 17) 3. Delicate (Jan/Feb 18) 4. DBM (Apr 18) 5. DWOHT (June/July 18) 6. Getaway Car (Sept/Oct 18)