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    1. LoveGame 2. Paparazzi 3. Just Dance 4. Bad Romance 5. Telephone 6. Dance In The Dark 7. Born This Way 8. Marry the Night 9. Aura 10. Gypsy 11. Applause 12. Dancin’ in Circles 13. John Wayne 14. Shallow 15. Always Remember Us This Way 16. Alice 17. Rain On Me 18. 911 19. Replay 20. 1000 Doves
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    The way I didn’t even notice
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    She truly lived out the birth (TF+TFM), decline (BTW sorta), death (ARTPOP), rebirth (Joanne+ASIB), and reinvention (Chromatica) of a pop star ha mind
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    Usually songs with Ari as a featured artist tank. Two queens!
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    My favorite player it’s soooo good!!! — 1. Chromatica I / Alice 2. Chromatica II / 911 3. Plastic Doll 4. Replay 5. Chromatica III / Sine from Above 6. Babylon
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    I think I finally cemented my top 3 after constant repeat of the album (and blowing out a speaker in my car while driving with the windows down and blaring the album) 1. Replay 2. 911 3. Plastic Doll Then for Top 5... (Changes every so often still.) 4. Sine from Above 5. Alice Then for top 8... (Definitely changes every so often.) 6. Babylon 7. Sour Candy 8. 1000 Doves
  7. The fact this wasn’t even posted about on this forum until Trump said something outrageous speaks volumes for many of the members on here. Especially considering most of you are dead focused on Trump and bashing him rather than the protest and cause at hand.
  8. This protest and the riots have been going on for almost 3 days now. It’s gone from peaceful to outright violent, extreme, and terroristic in a matter of hours of it starting. Our history is full of movements that succeeded without the need for this level of violence and domestic terrorism. There was a large group of protestors who literally left a man to die after he was shot by another protestor. They didn’t call for help, they didn’t stop to help him, they continued their vandalism and left the man to die. A large majority of these protestors aren’t even there for the cause, for the real reason and that is to seek appropriate justice for this man, they’re there just for the hell of it and to fuck shit up. Calling in the National Guard was the correct thing to do and not in any way an overreaction to what has and is happening in Minneapolis. If it continues, I’m afraid that they will begin detaining and possibly shooting anyone and everyone committing these crimes. There is going to be a lot more blood spilled before this is over, blood that’s from innocent lives. I pray and hope it doesn’t reach the level of having to bring in any other branches of the military, but it’s escalating quickly to that point.
  9. Mildly vandalized? You’re joking, right? They’re burning entire buildings, smashing in windows, car jacking people at gun point, graffiting everything in sight, destroying cars, robbing innocent citizens homes, mugging people, harassing disabled people. The vandalism is far from mild. I live 30 minutes from Minneapolis and have driven through these areas and this is far beyond mild vandalism. This is extreme and dangerous and it’s greatly impacting innocent civilians lives. They’re shutting down programs that help and feed low-income and homeless families and children. They’re destroying businesses where people are employed thus causing many to lose their jobs. Please do your research before posting something you have not seen first hand. Please Google images of these riots, many streets in Minneapolis lay in rubble and ruin from extensive fires. It’s going to take YEARS to rebuild these areas and many families have lost their homes and will take a long time to recover from the loses. While I agree that the officers involved need to be punished to the fullest extent allowed in Minnesota, the riots and vandalism and crime-spree has gotten way out of hand. What Trump said was wrong, we shouldn’t be inciting more rage and violence by saying these violent protestors need to be shot, but it’s true that the mayor and governor should’ve reacted quicker and more appropriately. Trump wasn’t the one who sent in the National Guard just out of no where, Minnesota’s governor requested the National Guard because these riots have gotten to the point of being domestic terrorism.
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    This. My Inbox is open.
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    I honestly can say Chromatica is her best album. No fillers. No lulls. No skips. (Not even SL, I kinda love it now after hearing it within the album) BTW wishes it didn’t have filler or skips. TF has a few skips. TFM has Speechless as a 50/50 skip for me.
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    Okay this is a serve better than the original I’m going to use it for the cover on my phone’s music library if you don’t mind
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    My top 3 changes with each play through. I've never had such a difficult time cementing a top 3 from an album before. ugh her mind
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    Chromatica II is the only correct answer yup
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    Everything about this album slays
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    Sine and Doves are SERVES. This entire album is flawless from start to finish
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    I didn’t even wait until chromatica ball
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    beychella who
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    you must’ve received the wrong link
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    Reslay is definitely going to be on replay
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    what’s rain on me?