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  1. It has a similar style. When listening to it, the first thing that reminded me is Rihanna's song Umbrella, but it's not a plagiarism. Although the musical instruments are similar, the composition of the song is very different. And it sounds very good. It was a great success in Lithuania. "Man nebeliko nieko" is a song by the Lithuanian musical group Šokoledas. She was chosen by TAMYSEXY_TII to represent Lithuania in 2008 at Eurosong X, held in Podgorica, Montenegro. "Man nebeliko nieko" performed at 16th place in Semifinal 2, preceded by Liechtenstein with "Schuld" by Heiland and fol
  2. The song doesn't sound bad, but I don't love it either. For synth music, I prefer others.
  3. Hello, I really like listening to music from all over the world. Language is not a problem for me to refuse to listen to those songs. Good music is made in any language in the world. I put some pop songs that I liked a lot and they are not sung in English.