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  1. JCvk19

    Beyonce’s Half white sister kylie minogur just released New York City and it’s number 148 on US iTunes and number 11 on UK iTunes
  2. JCvk19


    Kylie minogue’s new single new York city is number 13 on iTunes Charts ( was released three hours ago) MADONNNNNNNMAAA WHO
  3. How we moving on already
  4. They ELECTED trump as president DO I NEED TO SAY MORE
  5. JCvk19

    Pretty sure Kylie m done this 30 years ago NEXT
  6. JCvk19


    Well New York City by kylie will still outsell Medellín
  7. JCvk19


    Both release a new single tomorrow who will win in the UK charts
  8. no she was busy printing vinyls
  9. Kylie minogue is gonna steal her chances for number 1 next week oopps
  10. JCvk19

    Kylie minogue released a new album and it’s already number 1 on the preorder chart
  11. JCvk19


    Not kylie creating a buzz by selling a story of her ex SO NEAR THE RELEASE OF NEW MYSIC UGH messy TALENT WINS
  12. JCvk19


    where’s the collab
  13. JCvk19


    Whattttt is she saying? Pls translate
  14. JCvk19


    I did not know addrie stanned QUEEN kylie?!!!