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  1. CharnyBoy


    Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour 1. Hotter Than Hell 2. Physical 3. Cool 4. One Kiss 5. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) 6. IDGAF 7. Be the One 8. Scared to Be Lonely 9. Love Again 10. Swan Song 11. Future Nostalgia 12. Good in Bed 13. Pretty Please 14. Boys Will Be Boys 15. Hallucinate 16. Levitating 17. Break My Heart Encore: 18. Don't Start Now 19. New Rules
  2. CharnyBoy


    1. 1989 2. Speak Now 3. Red 4. Lover 5. Reputation 6. Fearless 7. Taylor Swift
  3. 1. I Knew You Were Trouble 2. You Belong With Me 3. You Need to Calm Down 4. Me! 5. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever 6. Today Was a Fairytale
  4. CharnyBoy


    1. Perfect Illusion 2. Bad Romance 3. Just Dance 4. Applause 5. Born This Way 6. Stupid Love
  5. CharnyBoy

    Her audience is definitely on the older side, but people are still paying up to see her. I think her greatest legacy is as a live act, though she has plenty of hits. I’m surprised no one has mentioned The Power of Love.
  6. CharnyBoy


    Someone Like You > Rolling in the Deep > Set Fire to the Rain > Hello
  7. Not gonna lie, I’ve got lots of classic rock in my library. Aerosmith, Eagles, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  8. CharnyBoy


    Kesha High Road Tour 1. Tonight 2. Woman 3. Blow 4. Bastards 5. Your Love is My Drug 6. High Road 7. Learn to Let Go/Shadow 8. Praying 9. Resentment 10. Father Daughter Dance 11. Little Bit of Love 12. Take It Off 13. Kinky 14. Tik Tok 15. My Own Dance Encore 16. Die Young 17. Raising Hell
  9. CharnyBoy


    Blackout: Radar (June 2008) Circus: Kill the Lights (June 2009) Femme Fatale: Inside Out (September 2011), Criminal (January 2012) Britney Jean: Passenger (feat. Katy Perry) (December 2013), Perfume (February 2014), Alien (April 2014) Glory: Invitation (August 2016), Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) (October 2016), Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) (feat. Drake) (January 2017) These are just changes I’d make, other singles chosen will stay the same
  10. CharnyBoy


    The Fame: Starstruck TFM: Monster BTW: Hair Artpop: Gypsy Joanne: John Wayne
  11. CharnyBoy

    Best: 1. 1989 2. Femme Fatale 3. Norman Fucking Rockwell 4. thank u, next 5. Loud Worst: 1. Unapologetic 2. Witness 3. Britney Jean 4. Madame X 5. Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant
  12. CharnyBoy

    Marry the Night vs. Mine Born This Way vs. Sparks Fly Government Hooker vs. Back to December Judas vs. Speak Now Americano vs. Dear John Hair vs. Mean Scheiße vs. The Story of Us Bloody Mary vs. Never Grow Up Bad Kids vs. Enchanted Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) vs. Better than Revenge Heavy Metal Lover vs. Innocent Electric Chapel vs. Haunted You and I vs. Last Kiss The Edge of Glory vs. Long Live Black Jesus † Amen Fashion vs. Ours Fashion of His Love vs. If This Was a Movie The Queen vs. Superman
  13. CharnyBoy

    Bands like Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, etc. Songs like Livin’ on a Prayer and Pour Some Sugar on Me are considered classics, but definitely sound dated.
  14. CharnyBoy

    Realistically, Madonna’s ‘80s hits sound much less dated than many other hits from that time. Most hair metal sounds super dated, even though I love it.