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  1. CharnyBoy

    Marry the Night vs. Mine Born This Way vs. Sparks Fly Government Hooker vs. Back to December Judas vs. Speak Now Americano vs. Dear John Hair vs. Mean Scheiße vs. The Story of Us Bloody Mary vs. Never Grow Up Bad Kids vs. Enchanted Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) vs. Better than Revenge Heavy Metal Lover vs. Innocent Electric Chapel vs. Haunted You and I vs. Last Kiss The Edge of Glory vs. Long Live Black Jesus † Amen Fashion vs. Ours Fashion of His Love vs. If This Was a Movie The Queen vs. Superman
  2. CharnyBoy

    Bands like Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, etc. Songs like Livin’ on a Prayer and Pour Some Sugar on Me are considered classics, but definitely sound dated.
  3. CharnyBoy

    Realistically, Madonna’s ‘80s hits sound much less dated than many other hits from that time. Most hair metal sounds super dated, even though I love it.
  4. CharnyBoy


    E-Mo-Tion, All That, Boy Problems
  5. CharnyBoy


    Bottlerock Napa Valley Setlist 1. Outside the Rain 2. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Harry Styles) 3. Talk to Me 4. Dreams 5. If Anyone Falls 6. Landslide 7. Enchanted 8. After the Glitter Fades 9. Rhiannon 10. Gypsy 11. Nightbird 12. Leather and Lace (with Don Henley) 13. Lady 14. I Can't Wait 15. Stand Back 16. Sara 17. Edge of Seventeen 18. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?
  6. CharnyBoy


    Blondie Bottlerock Napa Valley Setlist 1. Dreaming 2. The Tide is High 3. Long Time 4. Good Boys 5. Denis 6. Rip Her to Shreds 7. Hanging on the Telephone 8. One Way or Another 9. Picture This 10. Heart of Glass 11. Maria 12. Call Me 13. Rapture
  7. CharnyBoy


    Carly Rae Jepsen Coachella 2020 1. Julien 2. E•MO•TION 3. Cut to the Feeling 4. Run Away With Me 5. Want You in My Room 6. I Really Like You 7. Call Me Maybe 8. Boy Problems 9. Now That I Found You 10. Party for One
  8. CharnyBoy


    Lana Del Rey Coachella 2020 1. Born to Die 2. Norman Fucking Rockwell 3. Doin' Time 4. Video Games 5. High by the Beach 6. Fuck It, I Love You 7. Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems (with Stevie Nicks) 8. For Free (Joni Mitchell cover) 9. Terrence Loves You 10. The Greatest 11. Young and Beautiful 12. Mariners' Apartment Complex 13. California 14. Cinnamon Girl 15. Venice Bitch Encore 16. Shades of Cool
  9. CharnyBoy


    One of the most underrated singers. The Lucky One is a bop.
  10. CharnyBoy


    Who saw the queen slay with Keith Urban last night?
  11. CharnyBoy

    Best: AIWFCIY, thank u next, 7 rings, Shallow, Sucker Worst: Señorita, bad guy, Someone You Loved
  12. CharnyBoy

    I didn't realize the difference when I posted. My apologies.
  13. CharnyBoy

    Thanks a million!
  14. CharnyBoy

    I see you forgot Cher's incredible Dancing Queen