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  1. CharnyBoy


    1. Stripped 2. Liberation 3. Back to Basics 4. Bionic 5. Lotus 6. Debut
  2. CharnyBoy


    1. Back to Basics Intro 2. Makes Me Wanna Pray 3. Back in the Day 4. Ain't No Other Man 5. Understand 6. Oh Mother 7. Still Dirrty 8. Here to Stay 9. Candyman 10. I Got Trouble 11. Hurt 12. Save Me From Myself
  3. CharnyBoy


    1. Toxic 2. Womanizer 3. Gimme More 4. Till The World Ends 5. 3 6. Circus 7. Hold It Against Me 8. ...Baby One More Time 9. Oops!.. I Did It Again 10. I Wanna Go 11. (You Drive Me) Crazy 12. Scream & Shout 13. S&M Remix
  4. Both of these albums are often considered her best, but which one reigns supreme? Cruel World vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Ultraviolence vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Shades of Cool vs. Venice Bitch Brooklyn Baby vs. Fuck it I love you West Coast vs. Doin' Time Sad Girl vs. Love song Pretty When You Cry vs. Cinnamon Girl Money Power Glory vs. How to disappear Fucked My Way Up To the Top vs. California Old Money vs. The Next Best American Record The Other Woman vs. The greatest Black Beauty vs. Bartender Guns and Roses vs. Happiness is a butterfly Florida Kilos vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-but I have it Is This Happiness vs. Hey Blue Baby Flipside vs. I Must Be Stupid for Feeling So Happy
  5. CharnyBoy


    Carly Rae Jepsen-Summer Love Tour 1. This Love Isn't Crazy 2. Stay Away 3. Gimmie Love 4. Felt This Way 5. Window 6. Want You in My Room 7. This Kiss 8. I Really Like You 9. Run Away with Me 10. Tonight I'm Getting Over You 11. Store 12. Heartbeat 13. Too Much 14. No Drug Like Me 15. Party for One 16. Solo 17. Boy Problems 18. Let's Be Friends 19. Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out 20. Call Me Maybe 21. Cut to the Feeling Encore 22. Summer Love
  6. 1. The Supremes 2. The Pointer Sisters 3. Wilson Phillips
  7. CharnyBoy

    1. Kill Kill vs. Born To Die 2. Queen Of The Gas Station vs. Off To The Races 3. Oh Say Can You See vs. Blue Jeans 4. Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) vs. Video Games 5. For K, Pt. 2 vs. Diet Mountain Dew 6. Jump vs. National Anthem 7. Mermaid Motel vs. Dark Paradise 8. Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) vs. Radio 9. Pawn Shop Blues vs. Carmen 10. Brite Lites vs. Million Dollar Man 11. Put Me In A Movie vs. Summertime Sadness 12. Smarty vs. This Is What Makes Us Girls 12. Yayo vs. Without You BTD: 10 AKA: 2
  8. CharnyBoy


    1. Yayo (2010) 2. Video Games 3. Ride 4. West Coast 5. Terrence Loves You 6. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems 7. The Greatest
  9. CharnyBoy


    Just sent mine!
  10. In anticipation of Rain on Me, let's determine which album often considered their respective artist's best outshines the other. Marry the Night vs. Moonlight Born This Way vs. Dangerous Woman Government Hooker vs. Be Alright Judas vs. Into You Americano vs. Side to Side Hair vs. Let Me Love You Scheiße vs. Greedy Bloody Mary vs. Leave Me Lonely Black Jesus + Amen Fashion vs. Everyday Bad Kids vs. Sometimes Fashion of His Love vs. I Don't Care Highway to Unicorn (Road to Love) vs. Bad Decisions Heavy Metal Lover vs. Touch It Electric Chapel vs. Knew Better/Forever Boy The Queen vs. Thinking Bout You You and I vs. Step on Up The Edge of Glory vs. Jason's Song (Gave It Away)
  11. CharnyBoy


    The Lover special made me want to do one of these, so let's begin. I Forgot That You Existed vs. Fearless Cruel Summer vs. Fifteen Lover vs. Love Story The Man vs. Hey Stephen The Archer vs. White Horse I Think He Knows vs. You Belong With Me Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince vs. Breathe Paper Rings vs. Tell Me Why Cornelia Street vs. You're Not Sorry Death by a Thousand Cuts vs. The Way I Loved You London Boy vs. Forever & Always Soon You'll Get Better vs. The Best Day False God vs. Change You Need to Calm Down vs. Jump then Fall Afterglow vs. Untouchable ME! vs. Come In with the Rain It's Nice to Have a Friend vs. Superstar Daylight vs. The Other Side of the Door
  12. CharnyBoy

    Survival vs. Diamond Heart Secret vs. A-Yo I'd Rather Be Your Lover vs. Joanne Don't Stop vs. John Wayne Inside of Me vs. Dancin' in Circles Human Nature vs. Perfect Illusion Forbidden Love vs. Million Reasons Love Tried to Welcome Me vs. Sinner's Prayer Sanctuary vs. Come to Mama Bedtime Story vs. Hey Girl Take a Bow vs. Angel Down Let Down Your Guard vs. Grigio Girls Your Honesty vs. Just Another Day Bedtime Stories is the better album. However, both albums managed to allow these ladies to segue into their movie musicals.
  13. CharnyBoy


    Ray of Light - 45 Nothing Really Matters - 220 Frozen - 195 (+5) The Power of Good-Bye - 55 (-5)
  14. CharnyBoy


    Music - 25 Impressive Instant - 50 (+5) Runaway Lover - 35 I Deserve It - 30 Amazing - 60 Nobody's Perfect - 35 Don't Tell Me - 25 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 35 Paradise (Not for Me) - 30 Gone - 30 American Pie - 5 (-5)
  15. CharnyBoy


    Music - 25 Impressive Instant - 40 (+5) Runaway Lover - 35 I Deserve It - 30 Amazing - 60 Nobody's Perfect - 25 Don't Tell Me - 30 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 35 Paradise (Not for Me) - 30 Gone - 30 American Pie - 20 (-)