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  1. CharnyBoy

    Just Dance vs I Kissed a Girl Bad Romance vs California Gurls Born This Way vs Part Of Me Applause vs Roar Perfect Illusion vs Chained to the Rhythm Stupid Love vs Daises Gaga: 3 Katy: 3
  2. CharnyBoy

    Everybody vs ...Baby One More Time Like a Virgin vs Oops!... I Did It Again Live to Tell vs I'm A Slave 4 U Like a Prayer vs Me Against The Music Vogue vs My Prerogative Erotica vs Gimme More Secret vs Womanizer Frozen vs 3 Music vs Hold It Against Me American Life vs Work Bitch Hung Up vs Make Me... Madonna: 7 Britney: 4
  3. 1. Material Girl 2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun 3. Only Girl (In the World) 4. Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal) 5. Hollaback Girl Looks like @Max and I think alike.
  4. CharnyBoy


    Vision of Love vs. Dreamlover There's Got to Be a Way vs. Hero I Don't Wanna Cry vs. Anytime You Need a Friend Someday vs. Music Box Vanishing vs. Now That I Know All in Your Mind vs. Never Forget You Alone in Love vs. Without You You Need Me vs. Just to Hold You Once Again Sent from Up Above vs. I've Been Thinking About You Prisoner vs. All I've Ever Wanted Love Takes Time vs. Everything Fades Away Mariah Carey: 6 Music Box: 5
  5. 1. Drunk in Love 2. Sometimes 3. Starships 4. Harleys in Hawaii 5. Beauty and a Beat
  6. CharnyBoy


    Madonna please
  7. 1. Someone Like You 2. Say Something 3. Stay 4. We Don’t Talk Anymore 5. Slide Away
  8. 1. Don’t Start Now 2. Boom Clap 3. Without Me 4. Anaconda 5. Look at Her Now
  9. CharnyBoy


    1. Out from Under 2. Everytime 3. Shadow
  10. Just Dance I Kissed a Girl Genie in a Bottle Everybody Vision of Love
  11. 1. ...Baby One More Time 2. Video Games 3. Pon de Replay 4. Crazy in Love 5. The Way
  12. CharnyBoy


    1. Freak - Madonna (Religion) 2. Freak - Snow (High by the Beach) 3. Freak - Luca (Swan Song) 4. Freak - Hyun. (The Blackest Day) 5. Freak - CharnyBoy (24) 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.