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  1. Nice thoughts from her even though Britney wasn't really the target of just body shaming. I think that was one of the tamest things they could have done. There were a lot of things going on there.
  2. 5 You said you wouldn't put covers that don't have her in it
  3. This is really cute. Glad they're okay and going strong. This should become a viral challenge
  4. Stan: Megan Thee Stallion, Chloe x Halle, Rina Sawayama Unstan: Rihanna
  5. Obsessed with this album



    1. BabyMario44


      Yessss! As you should!!!! I LOVE this album too!!! One of my favorites and it's full of bops 🤩🤩

  6. At least it won't be ahead of its time. Just in time for once
  7. I guess if the music video is posted on fb and it gets a lot of views it is acceptable. If they count any 20 secs of a song from any random video using it in the bg then....
  8. Jamie sent his minion Vivian on a press tour for damage control but they're actually making it worse since they're giving contradicting statements and that woman cannot act like a normal human being.
  9. Wait i have to watch these again sometimes. Though fans have already remastered her vidoes in 4k lol. I never thought RCA will even do these upscales considering how shitty, incompetent and cheap they are.