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  1. The way I see myself eating all of this drama up if I was like 12 again They'll never be Miley - Nick - Selena though. 7 things was that song.
  2. Trailer and more info This looks good and well made?? I'm excited for all of the things people have been saying for these 2 years to be actually reiterated by experts and taken seriously.
  3. Been obsessed with this Namie Amuro song lately cry6


    1. Fletch

      As you should. Queen of pop

  4. Atlantis Princess


    Oh i knew that the singles were different versions. I listen to the original COO everytime I listen to self debut and yes it is boring it's just that i must have some sort of mandela effect going because i dont remember it being called COOB. Weird
  5. Atlantis Princess

    Ying yang twins lowkey made this song
  6. Atlantis Princess


    Keep it. We dont want it
  7. Atlantis Princess


    6 I never knew it was called come on over baby?? Thought it was just come on over
  8. Queens orangu1


    1. BabyMario44

      clap3i like them both ♥️♥️

  9. Atlantis Princess


    She's really just posing in her bathtub now. When's the bath water coming out. Soap spokeswoman
  10. Atlantis Princess


    Already a better collabo than the Kfed one. And a better cover than Glory screenshot too I don't understand Britney fans obsession with making Sam seem out like the bad guy. He has been with her for 5 years. 2019 was one of the toughest periods for Britney and he stuck by her side. He literally could have left anytime this mess with the conservatorship was going on, but he didn't. I know Britney has had a history of bringing trash men into her life and relationships that dont last long but she seems happy with Sam when it seems like she has no one else. Leave the conspiracy theories for the tiktokers.
  11. Atlantis Princess


    She's joking but I'll take any kind of music at this point Anyway she looks amazing
  12. Atlantis Princess


    Oh a 10 I absolutely love it