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  1. I feel like she does hate Oops and BOMT just by the fact that her team made her perform them so much and honestly singing these songs while you're in your late 30s must not feel that great. I think she was heavily medicated during that era. Her whole face and voice changed and she looked out of it. Her testimony showed us they do give her drugs that make her a plant.
  2. Bey's Dangerously In Love era was more popular than In The Zone and Stripped in 2003 and its proven by the many weeks her singles stayed at no.1. And BDay was definetly more successful than B2B. The shift started in 2003. But no one touched Brit and Xtina between 1999-2002.
  3. I get you're trying to defend Brit and Xtina but sis this is objectively not true and you know it. Madonna's peak was the highest for any female artists and will probably remain the highest in history. Second is Britney and third Gaga. It all has to do with how media was consumed back then. You couldn't escape Madonna in the 80s. Like I wasn't alive in the 80s and even I can realize this. There's a reason she's the highest selling female of all time.
  4. She definitely enjoyed recording Britney, ITZ and Blackout. You can hear it in her voice on tracks and the creative input she had.
  5. Definitely not Circus, FF and BJ. On Circus and FF she sounds so robotic and detached from everything. Womanizer sounds like it could have been song by anybody. I think she only enjoyed recording the ballads from that album. She called Glory her baby and sounds present in that album. So after Blackout, I think it's only Glory.
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  7. Until they break every record out there so Billboard can claim woke points. They're coming for Mariah's and Lil Nas X's records at this point if nothing will be done.