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  1. If Ukraine is attacked, my country which is next to it might be in danger as well
  2. Even though I do like the album I agree with this. I still can't differentiate some tracks. It's better as a full album experience but not as separate songs to listen to. After Hours was amazing.
  3. Asking this after publishing a book trashing her sister??? Ofc Britney would respond publicly. They're trying to make her feel guilty for speaking her mind even now.
  4. Based on my last.fm. A new top ten every Saturday. Week 1, January 8th 2022 1. Mariah Carey 2. Xscape 3. En Vogue 4. GOT The Beat 5. Aespa 6. Britney Spears 7. Janet Jackson 8. NCT U 9. BoA 10. Ellie Goulding Week 2, January 15th 2022 1. The Weeknd 2. Tomoko Aran 3. Yoko Oginome 4. Mariah Carey 5. BoA 6. Christina Aguilera 7. Janet Jackson 8. Namie Amuro 9. Aaliyah 10. Britney Spears
  5. Dragging the bitch again IKTR We all know who is the lunatic one with a knife
  6. This family has done nothing but add to whatever mental health issues Britney has experienced thoughout her life. And now they're trying to gaslight the fuck out of her after she spoke in court telling her it's her fault that they are suffering from some well deserved media backlash. How can you tell someone that had to involuntarily be placed into a 1 rated mental facility, have her privacy violated, making her do 10 hours of therapy 7 days a week, threatened to perform, threatened with her kids, putting an IUD in her body, that she is the one who is selfish or that it's their fault she
  7. No. Pandemic or not Gaga would've still been lazy and do no promo.
  8. Book is not about Britney but she is mentioned like 500 in the span of 240 or so pages I love how she thinks anyone would want to buy that book for anything other than Britney details. Like JL is a big celebrity or someone cares about her.
  9. I saw excerpts from her book and the pure jealousy, hatred and vitriol JL has for her own sister is so outstanding. Like what did Britney ever do to this family other than give them money to sustain their lifestyle. JL describing Britney's behavior as erratic or that her career ruined the family is just pure jealousy. Imagine saying those things about your own sister.
  10. I still can't at the fact that they reunited to go on tour just one month before the pandemic started. That's gotta be some bad luck if I've seen one
  11. She did spent time with her kids two times since the conservatorship ended that we know of since she posted videos on IG. They went to museums and artsy places. I just think she has a lot of pent up frustrations and trauma because she hasn't been allowed to talk about her experience for 13 years and now she's just kind of ranting letting it all out. She uses IG as a diary almost to let things out of her system. Which can be good or bad. The problem with her photos I think is that they're so low quality and so un-glammed up that it looks kind of trashy. I bet if she hired a professi
  12. Plenty of celebrities have nude photos on IG??? including fotp faves Why is there a different standard for her ? Because the pics are lower quality and not glammed up?
  13. Xtina's music new music has been garbage and she sounds the worst since Lotus despite fighters trying to convince themselves her belts sound anything than a chainsaw against a blackboard. Her new songs have no substance or are any interesting. They're just a vehicle for her to belt at the top of her lungs. Britney sometimes looks a hot mess on those IG videos. I know she doesn't care about how she looks to others but she could use a brush and some clothes that aren't out of 2003. It would help destigmatize her crazy image with the public. Mariah has ruined her legacy by reducing it