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  1. When you start skipping classes that you would normally go to just so you have time to do all of your assignments and papers, that's when you know these professors are insane and the school system is fucked up ari9

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    2. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      Same but I have to finish my BA thesis and I have a lot of other assigments, papers, projects to do in order to graduate. The deadlines are killing me. And what's worse is that my minor is torturing me, not my major where it's a breeze. My mental health is so fucked up and I'm so stressed that I even thought about ways to destress like sleeping pills or weed or other insane plants (even though I could never get a hold of them here but just the thought of wanting to dissociate is crazy enough). And school is supposed to be good for you ari9

    3. Kirjava


      And once we graduate we still have job-searching in Covid times to look forward to. fall3

      I forgot what you said, do  you want to find a job or start a Master's degree?

    4. Atlantis Princess

      Atlantis Princess

      I want to do both ideally but idk how easy that is to do time management wise moo1 depends on the job and the master though. At least I will get rid of this italian minor that is torturing me fall3