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  1. One of the greatest comebacks in history! The era was amazing
  2. which divides the fandom - femme fatale greatest album of all time - blackout locals favourite - baby one more time mental breakdown - circus the one everyone forgets about - Britney Jean either you love it or hate it - glory fan favourite - in the zone overlooked masterpiece - Britney 2001
  3. Well it seems it's not happening anymore with Namie. But there was news about it in the beginning of the year
  4. Hitler took more from Mussolini and nazism is more similar to fascism than communism
  5. I love that she's getting her hair done regularly and now and gets all dolled up for her little vids. Yas for a woman with money !
  6. Album: Montero Record: Drivers License/Happier Than Ever Song: Peaches Artist: Olivia
  7. What were the other singles she released in 2021 for? Like Pink Blood and One Last Kiss
  8. Namie Amuro, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, TLC have been upgraded to stan level. And I decided to unstan Xtina for the time being. I will always listen to her back catalogue but I haven't been excited for her new music and her current voice isn't doing it for me. There's nothing that makes me anticipate what she has out. And plus this whole fiasco with Britney made me realize I can't be objective and I will always take sides so it's better to drop my stan card for X
  9. Chart data posted so it must be official? Maybe it takes some time to update on the official site
  10. Xtina got a diamond certified single for Moves Like Jagger earlier this year. But yeah Mariah is the first 90s act as a lead. I expect they're gonna update it this year if they announced it on the special
  11. Diamond I think. And then you can get 2x Diamond and so on. Or it can be expressed in platinum. For example MJ's Thriller is 34x platinum or 3x diamond for 34 mil copies in the US