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  1. Christina or Mariah yup. Beautiful, The Voice Within, Walk Away etc are eating everyone up
  2. Wont be surprised if it goes #1 or does really well just out of spite like people like to do nowadays against political correctness or sjws
  3. Santa claus One of my faves Christmas songs as a child
  4. Yeah I read about that. Didnt she also have her child around that time? The fact that she continued to release music in these circumstances and for another 17 years is incredible
  5. Break the rules is honestly her most forgettable. I literally can't remember any song from that one even though I did enjoy one or two. It makes sense since it was released only 11 months after Genius 2000. At least Style had Namie's Style, Indy Lady. Queen of Hip-Pop had the iconic Want Me Want Me that made me want to check her out.
  6. @Fletch Hello! So I've finally finished Namie's discography and I must say wow THE RANGE. I like that she experiments with different sounds and I dont know what to expect from each album. My fave albums are definitely Play, Past < Future, Genius 2000, Sweet 19 Blues and I really LOVE the 3rd disc off her Finally album. If that was a studio album it'd probably be my favorite. Hero, Tsuki, Big Boys Cry, Damage whew I don't really use the rest of the albums except for a few songs because really she has some jems in all of them. I just loved getting into this vast discography
  7. He had a #1 single and she doesn't and wasn't Levitating released as a solo but it went nowhere until he got added and radio picked it up. Not defending his stupidity but let's not act like was a nobody.
  8. Honestly surprised at how this DaBaby homophobic issue blew up because there have been other rappers who made homophobic remarks but nobody cared. Hoping that holding rappers accountable for what they say remains a trend gaga3

  9. And this is why I use a modded yt app that doesn't play ads. Two 20 seconds ads for a 30 second video? Everytime? No m'am.
  10. This is actually a good peak for her. Motivation peaked at #33 or something. Idk why people expected to be top 5 or #1 when it clearly wasn't going to. But yeah it's not going to get higher.
  11. Literally why is the Celebration album the most promoted on spotify? Like it always come on shuffle, not her studio albums. You'd think her team could make some modifications to make the songs on studio albums come on shuffle or radio
  12. I doubt britney even knew, approved or was in the same studio with him when they recorded that song. Britney Jean was a mess
  13. Basically saying if we can have ONE gay man express himself then it's only right to express some homophobia #equality.
  14. @Free Britney literally look at the photo above at what the men are wearing playing the same sport and what the women are wearing. Nobody forces the men to wear bikinis where u can see their ass crack like the women. This isn't a swimming sport and biker shorts are comfortable to play with and they are the same length of what the men usually wear. So yes this is a sexist reason because ww expect women to show the most skin when playing sports or doing any basic thing so men call oggle at thier bodies.
  15. Week 12 July 5th 2021: 1. Namie Amuro 2. Doja Cat 3. Brandy 4. NCT DREAM 5. 2PM 6. BoA 7. EXO 8. Mariah Carey 9. Janet Jackson 10. 5 Seconds of Summer Week 13 July 12th 2021: 1. Brandy 2. Namie Amuro 3. NCT U 4. Aaliyah 5. Mariah Carey 6. Taeyeon 7. BoA 8. Janet Jackson 9. Chungha 10. EXO Week 14 July 19th 2021: 1. Namie Amuro 2. Christina Aguilera 3. Britney Spears 4. Doja Cat 5. Ava Max 6. Brandy 7. Bree Runway 8. Aaliyah 9. NCT 127 10. Normani Week 15th July 26th 2021: 1. Namie Amuro 2. Ju
  16. I've been meaning to ask...did she get breast implants? Because her boobs didnt use to look like thie