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  1. Gravity

    Probably lmao. Uni life has been harder since it moved online. The assignments are never ending I envy people who say they are bored
  2. Gravity

    Next time summarise your drags in quick bullet points. Can't be bothered to read all of that.
  3. 1. Starboy 2. Heartless 3. Blinding Lights 4. The Hills 5. Can't Feel My Face
  4. Gravity

    Talking about no range when Scared To Live exists
  5. Gravity

    Well that I agree cuz Starboy was his start of the pop throwback synthwave thing. But Starboy is not 'every single one of his albums' It's funny how his die hard fans thinks he's changing his sound too much from his roots and then pop fans thinks he hasn't changed at all.
  6. Gravity

    This just showed you don't know wtf you're talking about. None or these songs could fit into Trilogy or Kissland sonically or subject matter except maybe Snowchild or Escape from L.A
  7. I agree. I felt like this too. I got what I expected and it was such a safe retro sound. Literally no surprises. That's why I'm no wowed by it. I think an album is better when you don't expect what's going to come. But this album said what it's going to be from the second single. It's a good album. But it's not the mastepiece people are creaming themselves for. It's an album packed with bops but I don't get any emotional investment and range from it. It's like it was created only to throw in some bombastic songs in there because certain demographics will enjoy it and were begging for this kind of album from someone.
  8. Gravity


    Why is Boys Will Be Boys on this album? Literally has nothing to do with the subject of the album and it's such a half-assed feminist song. 'If this song offends you...' lmao Rest of the album is pretty good tho.
  9. Gravity

    She's just doing exercise what's so worrying about that lmao
  10. Gravity

    A normal's person Instagram...maybe how it actually should be used. Y'all too used to ig badies and influencers and celebrities that only post their best shots full of makeup and try so hard with the aesthetic photos.
  11. People are so bitter towards Madonna that she's a 60 years old woman but she's not acting like what a 60 year old 'granny is supposed to'. She's still active, making music, touring and not letting her age dictate the way she should live her life. And that rubs so many people the wrong way especially women.
  12. She's so nice even when she's firing back truly the most humble and sweetest celeb ever
  13. Maybe katy didn't peak as high with NRO but it did have some longetivity and didn't plunge. It stayed quite comfortably in the top 20 for a good number of weeks.
  14. Good for her. When they see she's not bringing the cash in anymore hopefully they'll put an end to this conservatorship since there's no benefit for them anymore.
  15. Gravity

    It's not that serious lmao. Unclench