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  1. Whew this read came out of nowhere but was needed
  2. Gravity

    Music Video

    This better mean Levitating is the next official single and gets a bomb mv
  3. Kinda agree but idk i see this album being talked about in a few years as the album that started the 2020s with a bang bringing pop to its 'pure' form. It's already talked about like that now.
  4. -Both released in the first year of the decade -Both are overwhelmingly enjoyed by pop enthusiasts (the gays) -Both served longetivity on the charts -Both follow the classis formula of album rollouts -Future Nostalgia is shaping up to have 5 (or more) singles like TD -Both seemed to influence where pop music should go from now on -Both have an iconic album cover that represents the album Discuss
  5. She got super into it when she described the places she likes to visit! Slay that anxiety mama
  6. It's hard to pick just one but..... Underneath The Stars
  7. Idk if I hate her or dislike her but Lizzo. When she came out I was rooting for her and she was a breath of fresh air but then she started getting more annoying with her antics being desperate for chart success, begging for streams and sales and just generally being obnoxious.
  8. Gravity


    I'm not a fan of this subunit and their sound at all even though I love EXO
  9. Gravity


    No it's 1B Views. This is just a bside that had a mv for some reason
  10. This song feels so BIG and agressive. Haven't felt like that with a kpop song in a while.
  11. Gravity


    There'll be like 3 more mvs after this one. 2 solos for each one and then the title track
  12. Gravity here

    A whole bop


  13. I honestly think Mariah's tbh. Confessions never felt like a comeback because afaik the US still didn't play her music so the singles were mostly successful outside of Europe where Madonna hadn't been over anyway. And TEOM feels more like a comeback anyway. Confessions was just the natural next step in Madonna's ever changing career not a comeback.
  14. Gravity


    Levitating sweetie....the hit that got away. It was perfect for a chill summer vibe too.
  15. Gravity

    This. At some point the forum will remain with like 4-5 faves sections if some of them slips 2 months and don't make to 200 posts. It's understandable that Kylie's and Kesha's sections were removed since they were never main pop girls to begin with but from now on I don't think any sections should be removed.