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  1. Gravity

    Good for you Dont know why this had to be a new thread tho
  2. The songs don't sound the same. Maybe the way the vocal harmonies are done is similar but I don't see anything else. The instrumentals are completely different.
  3. I actually never did that I don't even have access to NHB Yes the breakdown is iconic but for all the wrong reasons tbh. But okay keep thinking that shaving your head, then being hospitalized, losing custody of your kids, being locked forever in a conservatorship is funny while Britney has major social anxiety and hasn't been the same person ever since
  4. Yes even stans make jokes about it and they are insesitive too. It's public figures like Shawn and others who continue to do it in public, a fellow artist who's supposed to emphatize bcuz they work in the same industry, that makes people think it's okay to continue making those trashy 'jokes'. If he couldn't care less about her then he should ignore it and don't say anything. And this is why she's the anxiety mess and socially inapt person that she is now. Because people keep bringing it up for a lol and act like a mental breakdown is a comedy show and mental issues aren't taken seriously.
  5. 'OmG hE aPoLOgiZeD nOw ShUT tHe fUCk uP AnD fOrGivE hIM' Good for him that he apologized but it doesn't mean people are obligated to move on or pretend they didn't happen. An apology isn't guaranteed forgiveness. People are allowed to feel what they want to, especially the ones who were the targeted by those 'jokes' And he still didn't say anything about making fun of Britney's breakdown.
  6. Gravity

    Britney, Xtina, Ariana, Taylor and Lana tbh But Xtina totally wears makeup in that photo some shitty eyeshadow She actually looks better when she has less makeup on and not when she cakes her face. Same with Britney and her raccoon eyes.
  7. I hope everything goes well and she gets out in September tbh
  8. Gravity


    Talk That Talk Unapologetic sounds so dated and bad with that dubstep sound ugh. Though it does have some nice songs.
  9. She's never gonna escape until that motherfucker dies and even then who knows who might come along even greedier and disgusting
  10. A #1 song achieved through a fake relationship, self-insert kpop-esque rehearsal videos that only serve as material for fanservice so the fans can gush about them as people not the music, probably a cringy ass performance where they think they're 'seductively' girating on each other and a predictable kiss at the end Normani and her top 20 hit brought by natural talent and hard work , no gimmicks, won't be bothered
  11. Those movies were made by Fox. Fox has been bought by Disney which means now that Marvel has access to the them. Marvel will definitely reboot the franchise and make much better movies based on their track record. At least I hope.
  12. The Amazing Spiderman franchise is panned critically and it made MUCH less than the spiderman movies with Marvel. When will these executives understand that the reasons these supeheroes movies are popular bcuz of the brand Marvel build more so than the superhero himself. Marvel funded some of the movie's production and they still gave almost all of the revenue money to Sony. I guess now they will have to deal with funding and receiving less profits good job But anyway Spiderman isn't that interesting of a superhero though. I'm more excited for Xmen and now that Marvel has access to them it will be amazing.
  13. I kind of want Normani to throw some shade at Camel ngl But most of all I want Normani to outshine, outstage, outsing Camel with her talent, looks, performance, choreo etc so that jealous hag can fume and the GP to realize that the chick who spits her way through songs is the inferior 5H member. We know if Camel does anything remotely shady everyone will come for her with the amount of hype and support Normani has. I'm perched for the drama.
  14. Oh shut up we know you say all this bcuz you wanna fuck him. You wouldn't defend him if he wasn't attractive