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  1. Other people wanted her to be Britney too based on the marketing and packaging.
  2. Gravity

    Literally what has she been doing this year apart from that bieber and gaga collab
  3. Gravity


    1. Phonography 2. Toy Soldier 3. Let Me Be 4. What U See ( Is What U Get) 5. Sometimes 6. Outrageous 7. Just Luv Me 8. Selfish 9. It Should Be Easy
  4. Gravity


    Not feeling the look
  5. Gravity


    1. Elastic Love 2. Oh Mother 3. Little Dreamer 4. Desnudate
  6. Gravity


    Yeah conservatorship thread #28625
  7. Gravity


    Group A: 1. Elastic Love 2. Desnudate 3. Primadonna 4. Accelerate 5. Slow down baby Group B: 1. Stronger than ever 2. Little dreamer 3. Monday morning 4. Soar 5. Back in the day Group C: 1. Oh Mother 2. Mercy on me 3. You lost me 4. I got trouble 5. Unless it's with you 6. Nasty naughty boy
  8. Gravity


    1. The Hook Up 2. I'm a slave 4 u 3. Born to make you happy 4. Up n Down 5. Get Naked 6. Blur 7. Make me 8. Perfume 9. One kiss from you You should've done this game in October so we can keep the post count up for that month too
  9. Wait till you hear that Circles by Post Malone has been in the top 20 for over more than a year
  10. Gravity


    1. You drive me crazy 2. Get back 3. Me against the music 4. Stronger 5. How I roll 6. Kill the lights 7. Cinderella 8. If I'm dancing 9. Passenger
  11. Deserved. Finally a truly good song gets what it deserves.
  12. Gravity


    Come on over Ain't no other man Maria I still don't know what I'm voting here for or how the results are counted. Why didn't GIAB get in the final when it has more points then Maria
  13. Gravity


    1. From the bottom of my broken heart 2. Out from under 3. Liar 4. Everytime 5. I run away 6. Why should i be sad 7. Don't cry 8. He about to lose me 9. Dear diary Btw you're doing a much better job choosing these songs than the Xtina one let's see if it keeps up