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  1. They both look so good! Look at Britney going out of her house
  2. Gravity

    This seems pretty accurate to me. Beyonce being 0.1% higher than Britney cause this decade helped her a lot to establish her brand and status in pop culture, and she did put in work for it. The fact that Britney is still #4 despite flopping for most of the decade, rotting in Vegas and doing nothing else, speaks how big she was in the last decade and how people are and always will be infatuated with and curious about her.
  3. Gravity here

    Why does Kylie's debut album voice sound like Madonna? brit3

  4. Gravity

    Yes if you really know what's going on behind the scenes it's really hard to enjoy the music anymore. It's better to stan one or two artists and not get too invested or at least it'll fuck with your mental health. That's why I decided I'll only check only for EXO and maybe some solo artists like Chungha or BoA when they release smth, and just extract myself from the fandom completely.
  5. Gravity

    I'm not weird lol. I just have this deep hatred for the industry and the kpop fandom in general based on my experience when I stanned. So when I see people promoting it doesnt sit well with me. And I wasn't talking about you since I see you often. But the others who apparently think that western music is shit but still come to a forum where western pop is mainly discussed and only hang out in the kpop thread. Make it make sense. There are kpop forums out there where you can go where the discussion is more broad and there are more people to share music. I don't get why you would come to this forum if you hate western pop. Yes I checked that thread once or twice when I made my acc to see what was up but thanks for promoting my faves XoXo would be proud
  6. Gravity

    Yes some songs that didn't even reach #1 are more remembered than those who did. It's more about the longetivity and culture relevance/ impact. Without You is another Mariah song that is more well known than some of her #1s even though it only peaked a #3.
  7. Gravity

    OSD is not even Mariah's most known or remembered song. It shows that even though the song stayed at #1 for 16 weeks it wasn't that impactful. I mean My All is more known and praised and it stayed only 1 week. But you could say that about any song which has a lot of weeks at #1. It doesn't take away from the record tho.
  8. Gravity here

    This forum makes me want to listen to Kylie's music. I don't know if i should or what to expect lol3

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    2. Gravity

      Already love her debut album! Turn It Into Love might be one of the greatest songs I've ever heardoprah2

    3. Ariana

      Her 2nd album is her best early work giveup3

    4. Liquid Love

      Rhythm of Love is better sis... 

  9. Gravity

    How is that racist? It criticizes the music and the cringy and annoying fans. The kpop hole is the kpop thread they hang out in since I've never seen them in any other sections even though this is a western pop forum but they came into this thread like flies. Yes valid criticism, i guess you didn't read that long ass post I wrote that actually has valid criticism against the industry and why people would be turned off by it.
  10. Gravity

    When in this thread has anyone said they hate kpop cuz they're asian luv ? Like show me one post. Most of the criticism is of the music or the industry. But we know kpop stans like to ignore and deflect any valid criticism against kpop as racism.
  11. Gravity

    It's not about the manufactured thing, every pop artist is to a certain extent. It's the fact that these idols have no personalities outside of the ones given by their company, they are forced to go on deadly diets before comebacks that make them faint and fucks with their bodies in the long run, some people are straight up anorexic from the pressure by the companies, they are not allowed to go out on their own anywhere until a certain point in their career, they are not allowed to have a phone until they have some success. A lot of people have quit the industry or left their groups because of their worsening mental health in these harsh conditions. Because when they're an idol they are not a person. They are basically what their fans want them to be. If they do anything other than is expected of them then their career is over. Companies make up the perfect fantasy for others to get invested in these idols preferably for their whole lives. The korean GP sees idols as distractions from their jobs and miserable lives so they always have to be perfect, smiling, singing and dancing. Basically a robot or puppet Women in their 20s and early 30s still being virginal, wearing white dresses and talking about 'the flutter of first love' like a teenager. Don't you see how fucked up that is? Even Britney was like fuck it when she was 19. It's like 90s teenage boom or Disney channel on steroids. You cant compare faves like Mariah, Xtina, Madonna etc. to them and say oh they're just as fake when they got control of their careers, released some of the deepest pop albums and actually have personalities of their own and don't have to jump windows to get out of their dorms bcuz if their managers find they sneaked out they're gonna be punished in some way. Like if yall like the music it's okay but don't act like these people are normal. And I know that western industry is shit aswell but I don't think it turns them into robots. The western labels don't control and dictate the faves whole life from what they eat to how much they sleep. If that would've been the case they would release albums every year like kpop groups do.
  12. Gravity

    The taste
  13. Gravity

    Yes sis bring me those kids bop songs from their first album