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  1. Screaming at this cuz it's true
  2. Lady Gaga: @Freaky Prince bimonthly thread "Is Chromatica era over THIS time?"
  3. What are some of the typical threads that the faves sections have when nothing is going on? for example: Britney: Conservatorship thread #327. Jamie Spears still doesn't let Britney out of her cage. She is held at gunpoint. Britney's freedom is near!! Christina: Legend X poses in her backyard in stunning photos! What a legend? Are her boobs photoshopped in this though? Where is X7? Mariah: Moo does another thing related to Christmas. Yesss let's get festive dahhhling! Rihanna: The most streamed female artist on Spotify thread #374 that no1cur for. Secret shoot that could be for R9 but lbh it's most probably for Fenty. What about the others?
  4. WTF this could be lead single material if they cleaned it up a little and removed the weird effect on her voice I'm already imagining space/starry night video themes like the ones on the single art
  5. The fact that 2 of the most respected and acknowledged artists are literally in love with Britney?? Says a lot about her personality tbh But Bey having baby pictures of Brit?? where did she get that
  6. Gravity


    Ah the dramatic gay lord look with the bare chested lace trench coat and the nail polish Also you actually did the space cowboy set and the name Stealing my man so soon I see
  7. Gravity


    Gonna go with New Jersey i do not know US's geography in that much detail nor did i see the movie
  8. Gravity


    Literally could not find anything about childhood city. Only state
  9. This pic gives me ITZney fierce bitch vibes yas queen
  10. It is kinda a semi-famous movie. In Romania it's played every year on TV, sometimes multiple times in a year I remember watching this movie for the first time when I started stanning her on a trashy pirate website not knowing if it would work and all that, but I knew I liked it a lot. I think I may have watched the same night as Britney's Crossroads cuz I wanted to see everything my faves were in and see their first (and only) movies.
  11. What a serve. The choreo cry6


  12. Gravity


    I miss you
  13. Gravity


    7 The performance was fun and i loved her confidence