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  1. I really like this photoshoot it's very soft Except for the last pic, her face looks kind of weird Really good interview too. I like the way she expressed the difference between her and Britney with the virginity thing and how trying to please everybody makes you fall harder.
  2. Okay so what's your point? How is this relevant when discussing their music careers? Britney would have taken time off too after 2007 if she was allowed. Stop bringing this 'good mother' shit when Britney actually does a pretty good job at being a good mother when she is with her kids. You think if she would have it her way she wouldn't want to be with them?? Also lbh Xtina could very well be a good mother and support her family while still releasing albums and doing a little promo. Plenty of singers who are mothers do it. This family thing is an excuse she pushes bcuz she was lazy for 6 years and got too comfortable sitting in a chair and getting easy money. Liberation was recorded shortly after she left The Voice in like 1-2 years so it's not like she can't put good music out more often she just can't be bothered to.
  3. Britney was nominated for a Grammy for Womanizer in 2010 so that's only 9 years. It seems you need to do more research before writing a drag so off you go 😘
  4. Seems one Xtina fan found their way into BGs after 30 years. Comparing their personal lives is low and pathetic.
  5. Gravity

    Who are these many pop girls who tried to replicate TD ? I only know Taylor and she didn't actually fail.
  6. Gravity here

    Where are the rest of Normani's singles/album? It's October alex1

  7. Gravity


    Bitch!!!!!! this is her best look since like 2017 The makeup, the outfit everything is on point I feel like this is a different makeup than the ghostly looking ones she has been using recently.
  8. Well that was quick I listened to a few of them two days ago. No time to spare for the Britney Team
  9. Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded, The Pinkprint all had successful singles. That's 3 eras
  10. Gravity


    10 Tag me if this doesn't flop
  11. Gravity

    Sure I was too young when she was in her prime and couldn't experience it properly but I'm pretty sure I don't have to live in 80s to know how big Madonna was. But it's okay you have your opinion and I have mine
  12. Gravity

    Don't try to patronize me with those facts. I know almost all of Xtina's career considering she's my second fave. But for me she wasn't at the level of obsession that people were with Britney. They never asked her about her virginity, never really cared about her personal life aside from a few interviews, paparazzi didn't follow her everywhere etc. But she actually came out better out of not having any of these. Successful singer and it girl are totally different. And yeah for me she was never at the level of fascination simply bcuz she didn't didn't seem that goody two shoes and was always more raunchy and outspoken. People aren't interested in upfront persons. They like the mistery.
  13. Gravity

    She was never the it girl but she was a successful singer. For me the it girl is someone the public obsseses over beyond the music or movie career like personal life, fascination with whole stage persona, iconicity etc. It's someone you can't escape and the media talks about nonstop. The it girl also has to respond and go along and feed the whole phenomenon. Theres few it girls: Marilyn, Madonna, Britney, maybe Gaga.
  14. Gravity


    Are you shading Ariana cuz sis Dangerous Woman and Sweetener were successful But OT: I think if she does a normal era rollout like first single, second single, then album and puts them on streaming devices she could have some great numbers. We say she's not a streaming force but she never put her albums on time there or had a normal era since apps like Spotify gained popularity. I mean Sorry and Hold Up have like 15 mil streams 3 years after release. That's some power.