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  1. Good news for Kpop fans i guess
  2. So Emotional obviously. The hit that got away
  3. Like A Virgin Now end this thread already
  4. I hate that he's not taking care of his appearance anymore and he's aging poorly
  5. Apart from the god awful lyrics it's the way he delivers them that doesn't work. He sounds awful and like a 12 year old that hasn't gone through puberty yet
  6. Gravity here

    Living Proof is literally the worst song of the year laughcry1laughcry1 Literally unlistenable especially that chorus. 

  7. I can see this being a legendary thread in the years to come if this doesn't get released asap People posting every month 'This hasn't come out yet?'
  8. The Immaculate Collection literally exists and it's like the best selling female album iirc. She needs to make another one with her hits from 1993 onwards. It will sell like hot cakes
  9. Gravity

  10. Gravity


    Christina: 'omg my mind at 21. it amazes me sometimes. queen did that AT 21!!! we honestly stan the only 21 year old ever'
  11. Gravity

    WHO are those million FEMALE artists who did it before her? If anything female artists started doing it after her. Imagine thinking she brought nothing new to the table. Pitiful. Anyway, underrated by the GP. But I don't like how some of her fans use her achievements to downplay MJ's. They were both influential for different things. That's why they're called the king and queen of pop.
  12. Gravity


    The album is nice but idk there's nothing really special about it nothing that stands out. Some songs in the second disk are catchy but that's it. It's basically a wedding album to Jordan, the whole album is about him and their marriage. Some people also think it's full of fillers. I still think Bionic is her second best album.
  13. I think it's in LA, California only
  14. Gravity

    Ma'am don't compare Britney to this. Even if she's not the dancer she was she can atleast MOVE and put on a better show than Selena did in Look At Her Now. She could probably sing Lose You To Love Me live better than her too. Britney actually has singing and dancing talent.
  15. Gravity

    Taylor and Halsey gassing her up at the show probably knowing she cant sing for shit