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  1. Gravity

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend
  2. Gravity


    He's so handsome. The only guy to care about in that group tbh. He looks good with Ari.
  3. Gravity


    He hasn't even released his second album yet for u to decide how many hit wonders he is. Keep quiet.
  4. Gravity


    Imagine how tired we are
  5. And you don't even have to. Ariana can get to #1 without people selling nudes. Seems like not everybody is that fortunate.
  6. Gravity


    3am is literally more agressive and rocky than nightmare
  7. Gravity


    Why wasn't it included ? She even did a video for it ughhh. It also fit more with the album than Without Me. But WM had to be put on to increase the overall streams of the album. I thought Nightmare was the lead single
  8. Gravity


    Really amazing album. And very cohesive sonically and theme wise. Highlights are You should be sad, 3am and Still Learning. But you can tell that Without Me doesn't fit on this album at all sound wise. It sticks out like a sore thumb.
  9. Gravity

    It's not tired if it serves good music sis. Starboy is his best album
  10. Gravity


    Ring and Let Me Get Me are the ones I really enjoy. The rest is pretty forgettable. And like @ParentalAdvisory said she really has the same tone and emotion in all the songs. Only in Ring she plays a bit with her voice and I like how she sounds. I don't get when people say she has a nice tone, to me it sounds like she's talking throughout this whole album. And she's buried in so many effects. In some tracks I even doubt it's her singing cuz the voice sounds so different. Britney Jean tease. I hate that you can HEAR the limitations of her voice in every song. The notes are barely sustained.
  11. This the same type of instructions that kpop fans have whenever an idol comebacks like word for word lmaooo It's so surreal to see the actual artist do it and a western one at that. But his fandom moves the same as a kpop one so I shouldn't be surprised.
  12. I stan Mariah but this was a read
  13. Gravity

    I mean clearly wishing an entire genre would disappear is messy especially one that’s rooted in black politics. You don’t have to like it but the way you said it was just problematic. Don’t take it that deep sis.
  14. Gravity

    what a fucking dismissive and entitled statement about an entire genre. Kind of racist but okay Rap will continue to dominate and infuriate gays on pop forums.
  15. Gravity

    Lol definitely BTS and any other kpop group tbh.