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    #1 on hot100 in two weeks
  2. Not as tiring as innocent black people getting killed. I'm sure these white women will survive the internet while they stroll down the street without fear of cops killing them for no reason. You make it sound like white women are so oppressed poor them
  3. Gaga follows Madonna's footsteps again THE KIIIIII
  4. Half of them starved blinks who haven't heard bp on a song in more than a year. Tragic but good strategy i guess
  5. And all this could be stopped if they just put the officers to court and charge them. It was obviously murder so the question is WHY are they choosing to go through this whole ordeal of making it a military intervention and shoot justifiably angry people than arrest some white cops? I don't condone attacking innocent people but the US had it coming. These are centuries old problems that the country keeps sweeping under the rug and when you keep them bottled up and don't adress/ make efforts to change them or get rid of them then ofc at one point or another it will burst out like we see now. It's evidence that the US can't/don't want deal with race/minority problems even though they promote themselves as a multicultural progressive country. I literally couldn't care less about Trump. I don't make it my goal to bash him but this post in particular was disturbing so I had to comment. Also how do you know we haven't been focused on the cause or protesting (mostly on social media cuz some of us don't live in the US) ? I just don't feel like posting it on a pop forum. This is a mainly pop forum we can't post eveything about BLM that's what twt is for.
  6. Donate some money to the cause? Celebrities and rich people who have the money should do it. Medium wage earning people are donating more than them.
  7. So he wants the protesters killed bcuz of a damn city being mildly vandalized. In what world do we live in where a president threatens its people. No wonder this attitude of killing everyone you don't agree with is so spread to the white conservatives it comes from the top.
  8. Not bothered, just pointing the hypocrisy in you saying people downvote without having arguments when you do the exact same thing
  9. It's not like the madonna fans aren't the most notorious for downvoting on this forum You especially downvote without saying shit all the time
  10. Wow a person making shady threads in BGs?? Shame on them for wanting activity on the forum
  11. Gravity

    Oh yes this i agree with. Gaga's fans are ride or die for her in comparison with whatever fandom Katy has.
  12. Gravity

    I think Gaga hasn't won either she still hangs in the balance. And it seems she knows it too since she is collabing with popular streaming artists across different demographics and releasing them since she knows people are gonna check them cuz they're more interested in the feature than her after SL's floppage.
  13. It's there but i can't play it. Hope it becomes available soon.
  14. Maybe cuz I'm used to their actual songs where they have a lot of presence on the songs this feels like they phoned it in and aren't really into the song. You can tell they recorded this in Korea after the management made the deal and presented it to them without much discussion. There's no chemistry and interplay between them and Gaga and it sounds like 2 parts slapped together. Their collab with Dua Lipa was more dynamic.
  15. Wow this is so bland and boring. It's barely a song and barely resembles a collab. BP sounded so disjointed and dettached from the production. A mess
  16. The same recycled statements about this but nothing happens
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    Wow that's better than i expected. I expected in the 80s 90s or not even cracking it
  18. Bitch i was excited for a pic of them together and a caption. Jokes on me for actually thinking bey would do smth
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    This thread is just asking to get Britney dragged. With or without the hits people respect Beyonce. Britney NEEDS the hits. Like others said she doesn't release stuff traditionally on popular and accessible streaming apps. All the collabs she hopped on were released normally and that's why they chart higher. In Megan's defense before the remix the solo version was already a smash at #9 on spotify and bb100. The remix just helped it to #1. So it wasn't a total flop.
  20. Because they have no taste. It's a bop
  21. Shakespeare was inspired by OIDIA for the melodrama yup
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    Oops from DWAD no doubt. The rock version, her rotating on that platform while singing at the same time, the flames, the attitude Who can top ha ?
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    Good for ha cuz Outrageous brought her (and us) only problems even tho it's a bop