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  1. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Björk sweetie i'm SO sorry, Vespertine my dear sweetie i'm SOOOOOOO sorry
  2. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

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    Isn’t this Kimono Girl one from the Bionic era? I feel like I’ve heard about this one before And So What You Got being a Cathy Denis composition but then i saw Dr. Luke
  3. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

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    My thoughts exactly
  4. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

    Celeb News

    For someone accused of basically raping a 19 year old actress on tape while he was like, 49, he was kinda brave
  5. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Well, then I hope she got a better and bigger closet
  6. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    I'm definitely regreting this list soon but well 80's 1. Like A Prayer 2. Live To Tell 3. Papa Don't Preach 4. Like A Virgin 5. Express Yourself 90's: 1. Frozen 2. Vogue 3. Ray of Light 4. Human Nature 5. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 00's: 1. Hung Up 2. Sorry 3. X-Static Process 4. Paradise (Not For Me) 5. Isaac 10's: 1. Living For Love 2. Extreme Occident 3. Devil Pray 4. Heartbreak City 5. God Control
  7. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Exactly. Some of her songs are... enjoyable but they sound like she recorded them with her phone or something
  8. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Hope the songs get remastered or something ‘cause at least from the ones I heard - Mine, BFF, Alone and Candy - sound amateur and unpolished af
  9. Imagine it’s a cover of Nicki’s best pop song from Pink Friday Reloaded
  10. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

    I like it but it's not my favorite, the songs sound too similar - pure 2000's pop ofc, but instead of sounding cohesive they sound a bit more of the same - so it's a bit boring. And it doesn't sound like Spice Girls to me, it sounds like they really tried to fit in with what was trending atm. It's not bad but it's just not outstanding as Spice and Spiceworld. Holler and Goodbye are amazing tho, love them!
  11. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

    We don’t really talk about it a lot ‘cause it hurts a bit, it was a tough time way back then. But it’s praised and as said above, people that even aren’t fans of them like it so...
  12. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    I love them all equally and I don't really have to pick 'cause I'm on streaming only (for now), but I'll try to buy both deluxe and standard 'cause I simply love both so much.
  13. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

    One of the best? Yes. Underrated? No, the song was a commercial success and the reviews called it one of the group's best singles.
  14. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Bloodine sweetie, I'm SO sorry
  15. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    I was already excited for the album but the reviews are making me PERCHEDT