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  1. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    9/10 (almost a 10, if it weren't for the glitch and the excess of myah)
  2. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    I'm living for these new pictures, she's looking fantastic
  3. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    She looks SO GOOD it hurts to be alive.
  4. I always feel like joining CAL but every time I open the thread I get so intimidated 'cause the game is so flawlessly done and everyone seems to know each other that I'd just be a loser with a great set of boobs and incredible legs. ari7

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    2. Elvira, Mistress of Dark

      @Royalty@Mr. Mendes Thank you for the encouraging words, darlings! I’ll think of an artist that I would sign... in case I get brave enough to do it lol.

      @LynkI’ll sign up if you sign up too! brit16

    3. Lynk

      @Elvira, Mistress of DarkI will sign up but not at the moment. I do plan on doing it soon though

    4. Alexx

      omg i'm late girls but hey!! I was literally in the exact same position earlier like 9 months ago FFF I just lurked on the thread bc everyone was so talented and I was way too scared giveup1so I get it! But honestly, it's not that bad once you get started and literally everyone is so supportive and can help u through things if u get stuck. We'd absolutely love to have u so please consider it and know you are always welcome to join whenever! But yeah literally PM any of us if u have any questions!! I'm still relatively new so I might not be the best help but if u need a fellow newbie then we can struggle together demi1

  5. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Not a fan of Drake but he actually spilled
  6. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Oh wow, that's kinda random but it'd be cute in a different time, maybe like, 10 years ago or between Myah Jean and Glory or something IF she wants to do music again...
  7. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Such a nasty tracklist... I LOVE IT Can't wait! So excited for the new The Weeknd collab, ugh.
  8. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    1. God Control 2. Dark Ballet 3. Crave 4. Killers Who Are Partying 5. Batuka 6. Extreme Occident 7. I Rise I didn't consider the bonus tracks for super deluxe and it hurt me to remove IDSIF but it just didn't fit in
  9. Grab a tool and start banging and vote for my Halloween set!! alex1 I’m more than just a great set of boobs: I’m also an incredible pair of legs!! VOTE! alex1

  10. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    1. A No No 2. Caution 3. With You 4. The Distance 5. GTFO 6. Giving Me Life 7. Portrait
  11. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    You could’ve put the tracklist to help us on making it I don’t remember the whole thing, hold on...
  12. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Taste confirmedt. But yes, the whole album is great, like c'mon, Close Your Eyes and There Will Be Blood? Hello, bops
  13. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    In The Next Life
  14. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Same! Although it's not my favorite track from the album, it's definitely on my top 5
  15. Elvira, Mistress of Dark


    Love the picture hate the filter