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  1. Can someone screencap what's being said about me in NHB because I can't access it and I ain't getting messy on this forum too..bebe1

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    2. NoFraudzzz


      Me too... it sucks we cant see what is said about us cause our accounts are less than 90 days old moo10 

      I've PMd a mod to see if he can activate it early

    3. AngryAzalean


      @Madame X could you send me what's being said I'm dying to know bebe1

    4. RihannaRTT


      Just to note that this kind of discussion should be relegated to PMs. Bringing specific NHB drama outside of NHB in a public manner like status updates isn't allowed because it only invites more drama and isn't a good look. So please continue the discussion in a PM instead. Thanks maisy 


      EDIT: also sorry, I downvoted by accident for a few seconds moo1 removed it

  2. Do you have a NHB access? bebe1

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    2. Shego


      I think you should open it, a new thread was created there and you got mentioned too, we should see what you have to say about it too.


    3. AngryAzalean


      Oh for fuck sake, this better not be what I think it is brit4

    4. AngryAzalean


      My account isn't 90 days old I can't see anything brit4

  3. I got my Lana tickets too girlies!!! Let's all be sad together bebe1

  4. I'm gonna take a break from writing songs about my crush, I get too fixated on a person and then I'm just writing fantasy novels and it becomes draining. Gosh I'm so dramatic but my personal and creative life just cant coexist in peace sometimes so its time for a new mindset bey7

    1. NoFraudzzz


      I never knew you wrote songs gaga4  I stan a talented bitch

    2. AngryAzalean


      Omg really? jj2 I've been writing since I was 14 jj2

  5. Am I the only member of AlKylieda that stans Waiting 4 The Sun SO hard? bebe1

    1. Fletch


      No kylie7 would’ve saved play me once 

    2. Aidan.


      An actually good KMO sessions song!

  6. Table 4, we're the mean popular girls but if you have good taste we won't bully you xx
  7. Minogue, the UK has always had better taste
  8. Gonna snatch Lana tickets on Friday REAL fast you bitches better get out the way I want good seats brit4

  9. The ballads on this album and Kiss It Better > everything else
  10. Freak, freak, freak nasty gaga7
    Go a couple rounds, leave that dick up in a casket gaga7

    1. Fletch


      Return to us Jesus 

    2. AngryAzalean


      Nah Jesus is washed brit4

  11. The synths of Cinnamon Girl AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Love Song sounds so good too, I'm excited for this album a lot more now
  12. MESS I didn't know that...I'm gonna wait till it's officially released to listen to it
  13. Cinnamon Girl, The Next Best American Record sounds VERY promising too how ironic would it be if it was shit?
  14. Coworker is coming over to my house and my dad wants me to sit with him but I just know my mother is going to do TOO much and embarrass me bebe1 can't I just stay in my room?