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  1. Can someone screencap what's being said about me in NHB because I can't access it and I ain't getting messy on this forum too..bebe1

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    2. NoFraudzzz

      Me too... it sucks we cant see what is said about us cause our accounts are less than 90 days old moo10 

      I've PMd a mod to see if he can activate it early

    3. AngryAzalean

      @Madame X could you send me what's being said I'm dying to know bebe1

    4. RihannaRTT

      Just to note that this kind of discussion should be relegated to PMs. Bringing specific NHB drama outside of NHB in a public manner like status updates isn't allowed because it only invites more drama and isn't a good look. So please continue the discussion in a PM instead. Thanks maisy 


      EDIT: also sorry, I downvoted by accident for a few seconds moo1 removed it