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  1. I feel so DUMB, it took me 5 fucking days to recognise someone katy4  but I also feel proud that I managed to work it out, how does that work? Lmao

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    2. NoFraudzzz


      Yes, 5 whole days went past before I knew exactly who it was katy4 💀💀💀

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      How... brit15


      I hope it wasn't someone in your family. 

    4. NoFraudzzz


      Nnnn not the Britney emoji dead1

      Basically, their last name is Miley and when they added me on Snapchat it said Cyrus added you... so I assumed automatically it was someone from here or another pop forum. Until I worked out that its actually someone who I occasionally swam with and I know reasonably well/spoke them them beforekaty4