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  1. kminogues


    I would go back to either the Impossible Princess era or the Fever era. Just to hear JESUSboy Style would have made my life. I wouldn’t complain for the rest of my life if I would’ve witnessed that time live. And obviously CGYOOMH is iconic so yeah
  2. Have any of you gays dated a Gemini? Tell me some insight. I think I’m in l*ve 😂

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    2. Madonna

      Gemini's are flaky and tend to be rather fake. The change their mind like a girl changes clothes. kylie5 

    3. Lucifer's Angel

      @Princess Aurora even in the unlucky scenario that the stars have moved, what matters is their position at the time that u were born I think 

    4. Ariana

      @kminogues maybe this is a hit status jj2keep streaming Rhythm of God

  3. kminogues

    First, Symptoms of You, Speak, Over and To Know Your Name are AMAZING. It’s really a solid album. Jessica had some great singles, but a lot of her album tracks were just dull, save for My Way Home from In This Skin and Forever In Your Eyes from Irresistible. Everything else was passable but not great. Her sister Ashlee on the other has a flawless discography.
  4. kminogues


    This and Sometime Samurai are severely underrated.
  5. Loverboy really is Mariah’s best song, isn’t it? nat2

  6. Who here stans Maluma? gag1 Tell me you’ve seen this Buzzfeed article. The headline alone. I - ayumi1https://www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/mjs538/i-am-just-a-hole-sir

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    2. kminogues

      @Ariana as an Execute Yourself stan, you’re not allowed to lodge an opinion on Cockluma 

    3. Ariana




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    4. Entea

      Can u all GET OFF MY LAWN gaga7

      @kminogues Oliver Jackson-Cohen who plays Luke Crain in The Haunting of Hill House series gaga7

      Looks like I'll be watching this next gaga7


  7. Jerk Me Off Once has Into the Blue, Million Miles, I Was Gonna Cancel and Sexercize, so...Execute Yourself has two of her worst songs ever. So I’m gonna go with KMO.
  8. kminogues

    Push hardahhhhh. You’re almost there nowww. And when we’re doneeeeee those pre-recorded vocals kill me
  9. My main crush isn’t responding to me but he’s still watching my Instagram stories. Imagine how tired we are! 

  10. Does anyone here watch Emmerdale? 

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    2. kminogues

      @I Brings That Levity EastEnders can be cute but it’s kind of boring mostly. Emmerdale is god tier. You should give it a shot. It’s getting really good again these days. 

    3. I Brings That Levity

      It's boring though. Literally all they say is "Time to drive tit sheep oop tit valley in me lant roooovar", while a Land Rover Defender races down a narrow country road in the middle of nowhere in Yorkshire.



    4. kminogues

      @I Brings That Levity the ACCURACY that’s how the opening credits start gag1 sis, it’s good, though! You just have to ignore that they’re in a village and everyone has banged each other at some point. It’s so addicting. Better than EastSHITenders and Hollyoaks and Corrie (yeah, I watch a lot of soaps nnn)

  11. kminogues


    Accuracy! Because LY is shit? Yes!
  12. When I qualify for Haus of Whores, trust me. You will 😂
  13. kminogues


    80s: I Should Be so GODcky, I’ll Still Be Loving You, Wouldn’t Change a Thing, Made in Heaven, I’m Over Dreaming Over You 90s: Better the Jesus You Know, CowGOD Style, Confide one God, Right Here, Right Now, Drunk 2000s: CGYOOMH, Chocolate, WOW, The One, On a Night Like This 2010: GOMW, I Was Gonna Cancel, Crystalize, Raining Shitter, Cupid Boy
  14. It’s the worst, sis! I’d rather fuck a girl than listen to that shit of an album
  15. Hi. kylie6 I haven’t been here in awhile. I’m currently at home listening to Rhythm of Love by GODlie and sipping on whiskey. 

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    2. kminogues

      @Ariana would rather get quadruple penetrated than listen to Execute Yourself. It’s not the tea! 

    3. Ariana

      Listen to Tell Tale Signs for clearer skin and financial stability yes alex1 


      Although we know you'd still choose getting quadruple penetrated wbk fall6


    4. kminogues

      @Ariana maybe so! I would rather my holes loaded up than listen to Shit Yourself brit8