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  1. Their ghost hunting special they did > their discography
  2. GODrah definitely didn’t get enough lines. Just nipping in to say that Love Is the Key (Thriller Jill mix) should’ve been a single!
  3. I know we’re in a pandemic and that, but that cover is... Excited for new Kylie music though. I’m just glad she’s over that country shit. Talk about a nightmare.
  4. This is kinda their best song, isn’t it?
  5. kylie4 Where the Girls Aloud stans at? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Villanelle


      I'm kidding, GA slay ny1


    3. Villanelle


      I'm kidding, GA slay ny1

    4. Hyun.


      Biology best song ever made yes whit2

  6. I just acquired the Singles Box Set, and I need to gripe about the shit “rarities” disc. What a missed opportunity. I mean, with the extensive vault Xenomania has on them, THIS was the best they could come up with?! Two different versions of Long Cold Flop is the worst offence as it’s easily one of their worst songs. Maybe it’s because the set originally went for £45, so they weren’t willing to put too much into it, but CHRIST - what a missed opportunity. It would’ve been interesting to have heard more development tracks like Sexy! No No No or more demos like Love Machine where the vocal arran
  7. My main crush hasn’t been responding to my messages, which has irritated me a great deal, but he has a very cute friend that I’ve had my eye on lately. It’s a bit of a mess, but I’m happy with how it’s turned out. And I’ve got hired for a better job recently. Things are looking up for the new decade lana13

  8. On the Metro is so good. I don’t particularly care for Nicola, but she smashes that song.
  9. With the way their careers are going atm, we’ll still get one regardless. Better hope Sarah isn’t dead in a ditch somewhere and that Cheryl can get along with the others better now.
  10. An undercover Dannii Minogue stan
  11. She looks like a soccer mom doing karaoke, but I’m here for it
  12. Is anyone else planning to watch Nadine on I’m a Celeb? I hope she does the opposite of Sarah on CBB and actually says something messy about her falling out with the other girls.
  13. I was hoping she’d do something special for the re-release. Damn, even Dannii isn’t this lazy with her 400 “greatest hits” packages she’s always releasing. I really can’t wait for this era to be over. It was handled so poorly and some (most) of the merch just wasn’t up to par. Ready for KM15!
  14. Has anyone ordered the Golden Tour DVD or planning to get the Step Back in Shit 3 disc edition? Was going to get the latter but the extra disc has nothing new besides that mega mix and I don’t feel like shelling out another £20 or so for it.