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  1. rihce

    I'd be intrigued to hear a side project with a new musical direction
  2. rihce

    I think Hayley should try with the experimental genre, her voice would be magical with electronic sounds
  3. rihce

    Yes and it sounds just as current as it did in 2014. Timeless classic
  4. rihce

    Can we still blame the haircut?
  5. rihce

    That top 5 represents pop excellence in 2019, all other pop girls should take note - this is WHAT THE GAYS DESERVE!
  6. rihce

    Back just in time for this?
  7. rihce

    There Will Be Blood
  8. rihce


    Dark Ballet 50 God Control 60 Batuka 50 -  Crave 30 Crazy 40 Come Alive 60 Extreme Occident 85  Faz Gostoso 15 + I Don't Search I Find 55
  9. rihce here



    They really made 2019 level up just like that giveup3


  10. rihce


    This PR trap is so embarrassing
  11. Yung Rapunxel I sweetie I'm so sorry she defamed you like this And Soundcloud? Unrelease it ma'am
  12. rihce


    1. Gimme More - Ghostface 2. Break the Ice - Fletch 3. Break the Ice - Liam 4. Gimme More - Gravity 5. Break the Ice - Madonna 6. Break the Ice - Chris 7. Break The Ice - Freaky Prince 8. Gimme More - rihce 9. 10. 11. 12.
  13. rihce


    Break the Ice Not a fan of Perfect Lover but got to support fellow northerners and if this was solely about taste Hot As Ice would not have been culled 2nd