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  1. rihce


    Dark Ballet 50 God Control 60 Batuka 50 -  Crave 30 Crazy 40 Come Alive 60 Extreme Occident 85  Faz Gostoso 15 + I Don't Search I Find 55
  2. rihce here



    They really made 2019 level up just like that giveup3


  3. rihce


    This PR trap is so embarrassing
  4. Yung Rapunxel I sweetie I'm so sorry she defamed you like this And Soundcloud? Unrelease it ma'am
  5. rihce


    1. Gimme More - Ghostface 2. Break the Ice - Fletch 3. Break the Ice - Liam 4. Gimme More - Gravity 5. Break the Ice - Madonna 6. Break the Ice - Chris 7. Break The Ice - Freaky Prince 8. Gimme More - rihce 9. 10. 11. 12.
  6. rihce


    Break the Ice Not a fan of Perfect Lover but got to support fellow northerners and if this was solely about taste Hot As Ice would not have been culled 2nd
  7. Teenage Dream and Loud, that era of music really had the GP shook. Everyone blasting California Gurls around school, Only Girl having such an impact where the GP were dying the hair red and buying Rihanna shirts.
  8. rihce

    Rihanna will win on sales when she includes a fenty bundle of beauty, stationary, funeral care and properties with her CD!
  9. I really like Lana's new album, but on Antonoff - I do feel like a lot of his work is boxed in a certain style. That can be interpreted as good or bad I suppose
  10. "Cunt" is very extreme and defamatory... Ariana is one of the most humble, kind pop girls there is.
  11. rihce


    3D is one of the greatest alltime albums
  12. rihce

    The most trusted popstar to churn out the bops each and every era
  13. rihce


    1. Everybody - Liam 2. Get Back - Chris 3. Everybody - Ghostface 4. Everybody - Fletch 5. Hot As Ice - Gravity 6. Everybody - Venus XCX 7. Everybody - Beyoncé 8. Everybody - Mariah's 18 #1's 9. Get Back- Eclipsa 10. Everybody - Luca 11. Freakshow - Freaky Prince 12. Why Should I Be Sad - rihce
  14. rihce


    1. no tears left to cry 2. needy 3. thank u, next 4. everytime 5. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 6. god is a woman 7. boyfriend (with Social House) 8. bad idea 9. bloodline 10. monopoly (with Victoria Monét) 11. 7 rings 12. fake smile 13. breathin' 14. the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) [re-edited version] {japanese bonus track} this really is a vibe!
  15. It's a wig deelishus, make it make sense