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  1. rihce

    Artist Inna

    Keeping us fed through quarantine
  2. Boy is one of her GREAT bops, and Through the Rain is one of her GREAT ballads! Talent!
  3. Suddenly Rare is the album of the year!
  4. The way her first return to music in years is background vocals on that Partynextdoor song, she stays trolling her stans and we stay loyal to the mess! I still have faith that those double albums will be coming in the near future. Call me delulu if you wish!
  5. Thankyou to the staff listening to the feedback of the members and reinstating the artist sections! North Korea this is NOT antm1

  6. Solita is one of my most played songs this year, please match up to the quality of it
  7. Didn't End Game have countless promo efforts, big budget AND Ed Sheeran?? it's a massive shock it bombed.
  8. Meghan Trainor Hailee Steinfeld Phoebe Ryan Julia Michaels Rachel Platten Emeli Sandé Foxes Keri Hilson Pixie Lott All strong qualifiers!
  9. Happy new year! (UK timezone hunnies!)



  10. My scalp isn't ready for the slayage!
  11. rihce

    Artist Girls Aloud

    Can we now say a prayer for some of the best pop songs ever recorded?!
  12. Kim Petras, Mabel, Slayyyter and RAYE have all caught my eye
  13. I'm in awe of this project... not one skip! I can always trust Nashe to serve quality, talent and uniqueness. This deserves all the success and acclaim in the world! The video of her crying at the rave reception to the album was so emosh
  14. rihce

    Artist Paramore

    I'd be intrigued to hear a side project with a new musical direction
  15. rihce

    Artist Paramore

    I think Hayley should try with the experimental genre, her voice would be magical with electronic sounds