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  1. Hey everyone! I just wanted to come on here and say I hope you’re all doing well and having a Happy Thanksgiving and a nice break! I know I’ve been inactive on here, but college really takes a hold on you. I’ve been enjoying myself though and I’ll try to post more on here when I can. Missed you guys and I hope you enjoy your day. 

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    this album SLAPS. Shake It will grow on me, but every other song is doing it for me. My top 3 are I Don't Wanna Know, White Mercedes and Gone.
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    ...Ready For It? - Taylor Born to Die - Lana Castle - Halsey
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    I love Got My Number too! Such a bop!
  5. "oMg ThEy dOn'T hAvE a SiNgLe FeMaLe ArTiSt As GoOd As Madonna" BULLSHIT. You're totally taking my words out of context. The artists you mentioned are successful with WMG, yes. But they don't have to be as successful as Madonna for WMG to succeed. I'm just saying that they could reach the level that Taylor Swift & Adele are on, if they had better promotion. And please stop assuming that Beyonce is a WMG artist just because she has a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell, when she's CLEARLY a Sony Music artist. Stop worrying about what I think, and go worry about Britney's career.
  6. So what if I'm reaching? Aren't I allowed to? That's the point of Battlegrounds, right? To battle it out with other stans? You, of all people on this site should know what it's like on here. Yes, Madonna IS the most successful female artists of all time. WMG does have plenty of female artists with them. PLENTY. But I'm not trying to make it look like the female artists I mentioned are as bad as you say I am. I stan Charli and Kylie, I like Marina and Kehlani, etc. Did i ever mention that my opinion on those artists at all during this thread? NO. I'm only critiquing their lack of promotion and the way that WMG handles their promotion. There's a difference.
  7. Ok, miss know-it-all, Sia’s only been with Atlantic for 2 years and all she’s released on the label is a Christmas album 💀 Kylie is only successful in Europe and Asia, not the US. Remember, CGYOOMH was #1 everywhere else back in 2001, but NO, not in the US, it only peaked at #7 there. Why don’t you wait until Sia actually release another album and Kylie actually gets good promo for her next era, especially for her US stans, and then we can talk, OK?
  8. Warner/Chappell is a publishing division of WMG. That doesn’t mean she’s signed to any of the WMG labels. And FYI, not everything you read on Wikipedia is true.
  9. No, Beyoncé is signed to Columbia, which is owned by Sony Music 🤡
  10. I’m not discounting their success, I mean, I mentioned that they’re fucking Grammy winners for God’s sake. And yes, they are a part of WMG. Dua’s signed to Warner and Cardi’s signed to Atlantic. All I'm saying is that WMG should be promoting their female artists better, just like they should’ve been immediately after Madonna left.
  11. I also forgot to add another artist: Ava Max. What about her? Sure, she’s had plenty of success with Sweet but Pyscho, but that’s been her only hit song. So Am I was a flash in the pan and her album STILL hasn’t come out yet. If I’m forgetting any other female artists that are signed to the WMG labels, let me know.
  12. I get what you're saying, but that's not what i mean. I mean the female artists contributing to the profit and profile of these labels.
  13. 1. you're right about Charli, personally I think Atlantic keeps trying to fuck her over, especially when her shit gets leaked. 2. it's a shame that Marina was mishandled, because imagine how big Primadonna and HTBAH would've been on the charts if she had better promotion. 3. fact, and rita > bebe. 4. also a fact, and besides her aesthetic isn't radio friendly or mainstream friendly. 5. she was on AGT, and her debut album peaked at #3 it's first week. she's pretty good, too bad her promo isn't good enough.
  14. UMG and Sony have Taylor Swift & Adele, WMG has Cardi B & Dua Lipa. But the difference between those three is that Universal and Sony have had more success with their female artists across the various labels they own, while Warner, on the other hand has failed to gain a success with any of their female artists for a decade after Madonna left Warner Records in 2008. She was the biggest artist that label had for 25 YEARS. And for the next 10 years, the only successful artists they’ve had are MALE artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, etc. So what gives? Sure, they have Cardi and Dua to amp up their profile and reputation in the industry, and they’re both Grammy award winners which should make any WMG executive giddy with joy. But what about the other female artists they have signed huh? What about Charli, Marina, Bebe, Melanie, Kehlani, etc? What is WMG lacking when it comes to their female artists? Promotion, *payola*? Anything?