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  1. It means you need to work on your reading comprehension skills
  2. Cant believe some ppl are so pressed by exo doin their jobs as the nations pick lmfao Dont wanna be that guy, but if yalls faves were in their place, yall wouldnt feel the need to unstan and assume your faves went there bc theyre trump supporters but oh well,,,, jealousy is a disease luvs
  3. Please do not disrespect queen LP! Not in this house😤
  4. oh man, tokio hotel used to be my shit wirip was such a breath of fresh air after the mess that were dream machine and kings of suburbia also the drangsal remix of boy dont cry is so good... im livin on crumbs
  5. this sent me ashjdhshd https://twitter.com/tokiponts/status/1141283067564183553?s=20
  6. wow yall, the reve festival turned out to really be THAT bitch.. im not feelin zimzalabim too much (except for the chorus), but the other songs are *chef's kiss*
  7. Beside rv i stan exo and my ub is kyungsoo lol u can imagine i despise that companyh And idk if i should make an introduction thread bc i doubt ill be very active on here😞✊🏻
  8. I cant believe sm invested more in the music (the teasers sound soooo good) and let out those horrible pics... wtf did they do to joys hair, were the braids on a budget? Not to mention seulgi.... those clothes aint ittttt