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    Celeb News

    Well, she didn't delete these videos on her YT channel
  2. Mr. Wayne

    Opening Credits: Little Dreams - Ellie Goulding Waking Up: By The Grace Of God - Katy Perry First Day At School: Cold Cold Heart - Tony Bennett Falling In Love: I'm Every Woman - Whitney Houston Fight Song: I Will Still Love You (with Don Philip) - Britney Spears Breaking Up: Adore You - Miley Cyrus Life’s OK: Hymn to the Unobtainable - The Flashbulb Getting Back Together: Handmade Heaven - Marina Wedding: Endless Love - Mariah Carey Birth of Child: Rise - Katy Perry Final Battle: Holiday - Madonna Death Scene: Before We Say Goodbye - Tony Bennett Funeral Song: Teen Idle - Marina End Credits: Feeling Of Falling - Kim Petras
  3. - top tracks / long term (years) MARINA, Karma Lady Gaga, Gypsy Lady Gaga, Dance In The Dark Lady Gaga, ScheiBe Lady Gaga, Brown Eyes Lady Gaga, Speechless Britney Spears, Passenger Lady Gaga, Yoü And I Lady Gaga, Judas Lady Gaga, Fashion! Lady Gaga, Marry The Night Lady Gaga, So Happy I Could Die Chloe Lang, I Won't Cry Lady Gaga, Sexxx Dreams MARINA, Superstar - top artists / long term (years) Lady Gaga MARINA Britney Spears Madonna Soul Coughing Katy Perry Tony Bennett Lana Del Rey Bradley Cooper Mariah Carey Laura Pausini Clean Bandit Poppy Miley Cyrus Thalía
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    Judas was only released in the wrong time
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    1. To Be Human 2. Emotional Machine 3. End Of The Earth 4. Soft To Be Strong 5. Believe In Love 6. Enjoy Your Life 7. Life Is Strange 8. Too Afraid 9. Handmade Heaven 10. Karma 11. Baby 12. Superstar 13. No More Suckers 14. True 15. Orange Trees 16. You