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  1. Exhale

    Honestly Katy has really great album covers. I mean, Teenage Dream is one of my personal fav covers of all time. As for the worst, I don't know tbh. Ariana maybe, but the DW and Sweetener covers are great but then you have Positions.
  2. Britney's discography isn't what her fans make it out to be and it has been absolute basic tr@sh ever since her breakdown and her fans only hail it in high status because they've been oblivious to other artist's music since 2008 (I stan ha for the person she is) Taylor is petty and insufferable at times Katy is a cupcake for stopping to care about her career after one flop album
  3. Exhale

    Hmm it's weird you feel that way, but it's always been the opposite for me. I've felt like she's underappreciated as an artist but overrated as a pop star. Essay ahead
  4. I thought this thread was going to about this performance its all over twitter
  5. I mean Ms. Perry got a whole ass movie about her only into her second era but she had a considerable amount of personal drama and background history built up for the movie, barring Teenage Dream's monumental success. So maybe Mendes is also gonna talk about his roots and personal life more I guess.
  6. Exhale

    Apparently, Magic's official credits indicate that they interpolated CTTR for the song Anyway, CTTR is a career highlight and probably one of the best pop songs released in the second half of the 2010s, sound wise and lyric wise
  7. Katy herself forgot about the album most prolly Her last post about the album was on September 5th
  8. Exhale

    Teenage Dream is a 10/10 pop songs, but the video might be Katy's worst and that's rare On the other hand, NTLTC is probably ari's best video
  9. Geez okay So should I just use one single thread and change the polls? Won't the original results be retained then?
  10. Part 2 Both ex-act's first #1 single are pitted against each other for this round. Vs.
  11. Exhale

    Sales wise, Celine had the upper hand, but if we're talking cultural impact, I'm on the fence about it I voted for BOMT because I just like the song more.
  12. Announcing my new thread series: Pop Hits Battle I'll be pitting hit songs with some or no correlation against each other and you guys have to vote for one of those songs based on overall quality, impact, inconicity among other factors. For Round 1, we have arguably the two biggest songs of the late 90s era by a female singer: Vs. (I couldn't find the official video on YouTube )