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  1. Exhale

    I too thought Never Worn Whit was pretty lacklustre at first but then on further listens I find myself replaying the song again and again and now it has really stuck with me as one of Katy’s superior songs The video is such a pretty aesthetic too
  2. Exhale


    I think you mistook her beauty peak for Teenage Dream when it was clearly the Prism era
  3. Coachella in October, during the fall, not sweaty... I dig this
  4. Exhale

    Emotion is the best pop album of the last decade
  5. Unconditionally - Katy Perry
  6. Who Am I Living For - Katy Perry
  7. Exhale


    So this was on the set of NWW
  8. Exhale

    Music Video

    Her grey gown she wore at her wedding with R*ssel is shaking
  9. Exhale


    She’s gonna give birth in the middle of KP5 release party
  10. Reinventing Promo techniques
  11. So excited! A pregnant era!