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  1. Exhale

    Surprise release. She announced it on her insta after the song was out on half of the world
  2. Exhale

    Okay apparently music video coming soon so I guess it's the second single but no radio deals announced yet
  3. Exhale

    Not the album, the song Still not established if it's the second single or a promo single. It's a fun bop to me, would have been a better lead than Daisies. They scrapped Diddy from the leak, he'll probably have his Kanye E.T. moment later Saw a comment on twitter saying it sounds like ME! if ME! was a good song and I agree. I predict a peak in the #70-80 range on the Hot 100 although it deserves top 20 https://open.spotify.com/track/3DXdjHnePKnh6oXw2ZgGSl?si=Nd5xhrCxSS6W2FX6i-5ovQ
  4. Exhale

    Talented omg
  5. Exhale

    Plss that's some stan processing the low quality version through Remini This is the original:
  6. I know she's not a pop girl but JK Rowling
  7. Exhale

    The whole Teenage Dream era didn't have even one Grammy Britney lost Best New Artist agaisnt Christina in 2000
  8. Exhale

    And You Belong With Me. Hot N Cold by Katy and Halo by bey about to hit 1B with over 900M
  9. Katy has Dark Horse and Roar on PRISM and Firework and Cali Gurls on TD. Taylor has Shake It Off and Blank Space on 1989. Ariana has thank u next and 7 rings on tun. Rihanna has Diamonds and Stay on Unapologetic. The closest Britney has come to this is probably Toxic and Everytime but the latter is not iconic per se. Looking back, all her hits were spread out through her discography
  10. Who cares if she's a one hit wonder when she has THAT discography Y'all are sleeping on Carlegend
  11. Exhale

    Hmm idk... Call Me Maybe?
  12. Chile lemme add a poll
  13. Society if Shape Of You, Sorry (by Justin) and Despacito didn't exist
  14. That whole chorus is the best part of the song and Calvin made it i-