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  1. I didn't even listen to ed's song but can say with certainty that Afterglow is one of Taylor's bests
  2. I read somewhere that for Katy, her music has allowed her to travel the world and learn more than her eyes have, so her actual eyes are in her voice and hence in her mouth
  3. Her decline had kinda already began when Unconditionally failed to make it to the top 10 and Dark Horse was like the last big Katy Perry song I guess. It didn't even need the music video to go #1, and after the video came out it subsequently became the first female video to reach 1 Billion. She used to be huge and then it all went downhill.
  4. Rolling In The Deep tagging behind at 15M. Surprised? I kinda am cus I knew the song was huge but not THIS huge. Additionally it still holds the record as the fastest female song to hit Diamond certification.
  5. Katy: Memorable hits. She could still perform another Superbowl with a fresh batch of hits from her first few years of relevance. Britney: undeniably her impact and personality. Sales too when we take into account her initial years. Taylor: sales obviously. Songwriting, work ethic, connecting with fans, critical acclaim, business mind. Gaga: impact, versatility, vocals, creativity, and talent in fields outside music. Carly: Call Me Maybe.
  6. 2013 Such simpler times She was the first ex act to gain that status  and lose it too
  7. All I know is that Angels Like You us SOTY
  8. Another thing that's funny to me is the KatyCats enjoying just another normal day not even arguing
  9. Title Selenators and BLINKS are fuming over their faves being snubbed but objectively speaking, do they really deserve a Grammy for the work they put out? I'd argue Lose You To Love Me was a good contender for SOTY but is Rare, How You Like That or Ice Cream grammy worthy (I'm assuming THE ALBUM didn't make the eligibility period but idk)? The standards have clearly deteriorated so much so that even Yummy got noms so ig anything is possible...
  10. I think the context in the caption is a bit important here https://www.instagram.com/p/CH-84aNnnLK/?igshid=rxnc5qingonm
  11. Madison is one of those artists I genuinely cannot bring myself to care about, but know they're talented.
  12. The way I forgot about this song And please NWW is miles ahead of Small Talk and Smile
  13. As for Katy, Imperial era: Teenage Dream Flop era: Smile Debating on the overrated era phase but Prism was actually a quality era and in OOTB she was just a beginner and in Witness she wasn't even rated to become overrated Britney, Imperia era: sales wise BOMT, status wise Britney era. Flop era: Glory Overrated era: Femme Fatale Taylor, Imperial era: 1989 obv Flop era: girlie is yet to have one since we can't consider debut eras as flops but ig Lover. Overrated era: Lover for me.
  14. I read the whole thing in one breath Enough exercise for today
  15. This Plus a whole lotta good fortune and luck
  16. Teenage Dream honey, you're not an album, you're a playlist Glory aged faster than Purpose era Justin Bieber Lover was when Taylor knew that she was losing touch with pop music and shifted to folklore for her own good There's a reason why Carly didn't have a successful album era with Kiss even with the success of Call Me Maybe. Even Tug Of War > Joanne should have left without saying so Gaga wouldn't have had to ask her "where do you think you're going?" and make her stay
  17. Ikr the way they disparage older artists... I saw a selenator once claim selena > Madonna because Rare did more debut numbers than Madame X
  18. This. But then too I think they're referring to the time period between the first ever #1 and the 5th #1, which would be thank u next and positions respectively for Ariana. As for Katy that would be I Kissed A Girl (and not Cali Gurls) and E.T. (2008-2011). So she did technically accumulate her first 5 #1s in a short while. I don't know how this works with Mariah. Maybe someone else can fact check?