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  1. FINALLY!!! the singles have been so good i'm ready for my album of the year
  2. not a surprise considering she's the biggest Pop Girl who is well and truly an albums artist. still, that's cool we luv her
  3. well, it is pretty impressive that a piece of bread made an album. congratulations are in order.
  4. don't apologise for being delusional love it's not your fault. tun would look good if it wasn't so fucking grotty like the grunge aesthetic is a thing and that's chill but this shit looks like a dirty sink.
  5. i feel like that is kinda a minority though. an extremely shitty and loud minority, but a minority nonetheless. most people seem to be fine with it, although quite a few Straights are tryna sexualise old town road which is fuckin lame.
  6. thank u next also has horrible fucking album art but is a better project. sweetener has no tears left to cry which means i <3 it.
  7. it shouldn't be renamed. if you're worried about your opinions being misconstrued, express them better. say what you mean past the initial label.
  8. not a fan of her scar-sexy-baby schtick, plus with billie eilish the whole sad-edgy-im14andthisisdeep thing is covered by a more competent artist. imagine being less relevant and talented than a 17 year-old
  9. like every sufjan stevens song. also alison by slowdive. run away with me puts me in feels a ton too. fuckin carly man what a woman.