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  1. What’s up? After recent discussions on my TL, I’ve had the idea to bring a conversation here. How important do you think vocal technique is to become a popular singer in the current social climate? Personally, I think that it isn’t necessarily a prerequisite into becoming famous, but it sure as hell helps. Do you think singers need perfect technique to become superstars? Sure, Mariah and Beyoncé have perfect technique, but equally, singers like Madonna don’t. Do you also think it’s necessary to preserve your voice to have a longstanding legacy?
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    Haunted I Was Here XO
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    So I was just thinking about how, although Beyoncé is at her lowest point commercially (both EIL and TLK:TG both not having gone number 1 and Spirit ‘flopping’), she’s still somehow bigger than she was before in terms of popularity and artistry. It’s as if with every new project and era, she invents herself. On top of this, with the Disney and Adidas brand deals, she’s quite literally shoving her face in the public despite the fact her recent projects are flopping Why do you think this is happening?
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    Ed creates radio music and the GP love it. It’s a shame really because there are many artists more deserving of his success.
  5. 1. Water 2. Spirit 3. Bigger 4. Find your way back 5. My power 6. Mood 4 Eva 7. Brown Skin Girl 8. Already 9. Scar 10. Otherside 11. Keys to the kingdom 12. Nile 13. Don’t Jealous Me 14. Ja ara e
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    Why do you dislike Beyoncé lol
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    This has nothing to do with Beyoncé or Madonna. I personally don’t care for Madonna’s music. And you know what I do? I don’t listen to it and enjoy what I do like, rather than trashing her. I really don’t care if you hate Beyoncé. At all. But I don’t like your attitude in what you say and what you have said. Don’t play dumb if people have proof of what you’ve said.
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    You’ve made your bed, lay in it.
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    Beyoncé stans? Guess I’ve been having a sheltered experience then bc all I seem to see them care about is attacking people
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    Did you mean: Ariana stans?
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    OOP there it is
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    Why did I read that as pornstar but lowkey... true
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    I don’t care what anyone says, this is fucking legendary.
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    As a citizen of the UK, I’ve seen a lot of tea in my life. Just because it’s a brown or runny liquid doesn’t mean it’s tea. For you, it’s more like trap door diarrhoea
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    Anyway, back to the original topic. The general consensus of ‘Beyoncé is overrated’ is so aggravating because if you actively got into her you’d see why we rate her so highly. She is it.
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    The absolute delusion of this statement...and then you have the nerve to say ‘Gaga is winning’ in your status as if you aren’t being destroyed by multiple different people at once. Streisand is a much better singer than Gaga. There’s not discussion about it. It’s fact. Technically and sonically. All you’re achieving is pissing off people on the internet who are tearing you apart and you’re so ignorant you can’t even see that.
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    Ugh...what a moment
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    I love this song
  20. Now pressed stans can shut up
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    Underrated as hell
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    She really is IT
  23. As it should be
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    Lemonade and Beyoncé