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  1. Wasn’t it rumored that TWICE was going to be in the lineup this year? They’re a really big rock band and have been since the 90s...
  2. Does anyone know when the sad day video is going to be released?
  3. Although all of the songs are really good besides holy terrain, I don’t get the sad day hype when some songs of the album are on another level. I don’t think Sad Day is close to being one of her best songs when I’m Your Doll, Pendulum, half of the songs on Magdalene, and LP1 exists
  4. Lights On / Thousand Eyes Two Weeks / Home With You Hours / Sad Day Pendulum / Holy Terrain Video Girl / Mary Magdalene Numbers / Fallen Alien Closer / Mirrored Heart Give Up / Daybed Kicks / Cellophane This is only for now because although I love Thousand Eyes, I’ve always loved the final chorus of Lights On and the production in Kicks. Pendulum and Kicks were so easy to choose though.
  5. She’s really been serving this era hasn’t she? Hopefully she performs at the AMAs too.
  6. It is definitely a major progression in terms of lyricism and a different approach of common themes such as sexuality. I wouldn’t necessarily characterize all of the songs as sad (i.e. Fallen Alien and maybe Sad Day sonically), rather a lot of the songs are more experimental and poetic. Fallen Alien is definitely one of her best songs because of its ferocity and as someone who’s followed twigs since 2014, it is definitely a career highlight and one of her best songs.
  7. Guys she’ll be on Jimmy Fallon on October 30th and on Jools Holland sometime in early November. Let’s all hope and pray collectively that she performs Home With You and not hol—holy...hol—I can’t even say it.
  8. Mirrored Heart and Daybed are two of my favorite snippets actually. Fallen Alien seems to be the best song of the album based on the snippet though and I’m not sure about the title track but it does have a very nice breakdown at the end which I am excited for.