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  1. honestly, i still wanna know why there was a picture of her child naked wrapped in saran wrap. who does that?
  2. remember when you were super dick to me and my wife on cop? and now you're doing it to her here now? grow up, slimeball. 

    1. Galactic-Tiger


      nope, I don't remember and I don't wanna grow up, it's a trap. ari2

    2. sweetener


      remember when you came to my inbox on COP groveling for our forgiveness? because I remember that too.  stop being an asshole to people, especially my wife. 

  3. okay but do y'all have any reason to hate/dislike her or?
  4. billie eilish really didn't deserve half the grammys she won. also isn't dua the biggest flop to win a best new artist award? she's done nothing since
  5. all spice girl songs were super corny and generic. why did you expect anything more from them?