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  1. thank u next should close out the album. js.
  2. sweetener


    i haven't listened to shameless. but liar is probably one of her worst songs to date in my opinion.
  3. sweetener


    definitely the flop of 5h. sad i had high hopes for her.
  4. sweetener

    looks like we're gonna be waiting a while
  5. sweetener

    did y'all watch jesy's documentary? i was bawling the whole time
  6. sweetener


    don't call me angel
  7. didn't he then say they weren't dating? and that she wasn't dating anyone? sometimes i cant with him
  8. this is where you said it, btw. saying that the cancellation and this shit have no correlation at least know what you're saying before you post it. and remember it
  9. you sound like a moron. and disrespectful, ignorant moron. you ain't someone special because you sit on here day in and day out.