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    1. Medellin 2. Crave 3. Ghosttown 4. Crazy 5. Killers Who Are Partying 6. Masterpiece 7. Come Alive 8. Joan Of Arc 9. Body Shop 10. Best Night 11. Extreme Occident 12. Wash All Over Me
  2. I remember that they've changed it to the basic glittery text layout after a while but for some reason yours doesn't show up for me and I can't even judge it So you're saying that they banned you because people did not like the new theme that you've made? LOL, ruthless! Yeah, my english skills were rather weak at that time too but I was usually checking the lyric sheet in google search trying to learn at least some of the words and none have ever matched Then I begged my parents to buy me the actual album and oh boyyyy, my whole life back then turned out to be such a big lie
  3. I wish I could answer you that but I don't have a single clue This one? I do remember it actually!
  4. Both sites but I was way more active on the keshaforum.com I remember that it suddenly got closed in the middle of the Warrior era (or maybe that was post-Warrior? Idk) I was sooo upset about it
  5. OH MY GOD, I REMEMBER THAT! Dinosaur & Party At A Rich Dude's House were the live versions What an amazing time that was to be a Kesha fan Tbh I think that I still have that leak saved somewhere on one of my drives
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    Honestly, the main reason I want to know all those things is because her unreleased catalogue is just growing to be a bigger mess in my library each time something new leak so I thought it'd be easier to segregate them by eras/years like I do with other artists but yeah I also think it's fascinating getting to finally learn something about tracks I was bopping hard to in 2009/2010 as a fetus right
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    Go Deep Empty My Need Velvet Rope What About Free Xone You Got 'Til It's Gone Rope Burn Tonight's The Night Anything Together Again I Get Lonely Every Time Special
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    If anybody is interested, I've managed to contact one of Kesha's past producers (Cliff Goldmacher) and this is the information that I've got regarding some of her older tracks: It pretty much answers that most of the country/rock influenced stuff she did probably come from 2003, 2004 & 2005 before she signed the initial contract with Dr Luke.
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    Dreams Light Years Can't Beat The Feeling After Dark Cosmic Fine Music's Too Sad Without You Burning Up Rhythm Of Love Time Will Pass You By Love At First Sight Enjoy Yourself I Guess I Like It Like That
  10. P.


    All The Lovers vs. Dancing Get Outta My Way vs. Stop Me From Falling Put Your Hands Up vs. Golden Closer vs. A Lifetime to Repair Everything Is Beautiful vs. Sincerely Yours Aphrodite vs. One Last Kiss Illusion vs. Live a Little Better Than Today vs. Shelby '68 Too Much vs. Radio On Cupid Boy vs. Love Looking For An Angel vs. Raining Glitter Cant Beat The Feeling vs. Music's Too Sad Without You Heartstrings vs. Lost Without You
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    Probably. Both songs are Lagan co-writes so Dance Attack might have been just an idea that's somehow transformed into BWYNOI later on or vice versa
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    01 Medellin (1st single) 02 God Control (2nd single) 03 Killers Who Are Partying 04 Extreme Occident 05 Come Alive 06 Crazy (3rd single) 07 Crave (4th single) 08 Faz Gostoso 09 I Don't Search I Find 10 Ciao Bella
  13. I'd love some of the KM94 album tracks to finally make a reappearance - Surrender, Automatic Love or Falling (Falling was actually never performed live, right? it could've worked well as an interlude)
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    1. I Don't Search I Find 2. God Control 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4. Extreme Occident 5. Medellin 6. Come Alive 7. Crave 8. Dark Ballet 9. I Rise 10. Looking For Mercy 11. Crazy 12. Batuka 13. Faz Gostoso 14. Future 15. Bitch I'm Loca
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    Hung Up vs. Candy Shop Get Together vs. 4 Minutes Sorry vs. Give It 2 Me Future Lovers vs. Heartbeat I Love New York vs. Miles Away Let It Will Be vs. She's Not Me Forbidden Love vs. Incredible Jump vs. Beat Goes On How High vs. Dance 2Night Isaac vs. Spanish Lesson Push vs. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Like It or Not vs. Voices Fighting Spirit vs. Ring My Bell