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    The album is wonderful....... I LOVE a sweeter place, People You Know, Dance again,LYTLM. it’s definitely very disco mixed with modern EDM but the only bad song was Fun and Cut You off was decent as well as the title track
  2. LetoyaLuckettStan


    I’ve had a change of heart because I realized that despite her live efforts, she is a good artist and person.....Selenators, help me get into her
  3. LetoyaLuckettStan

    It’s hard already because a lot of trends start in the USA (not all, of course) so a lot of foreign artists look 2nd Rate..... ex: Rita’s debut vs Rihanna Talk That Talk........ To be easier on them, you must admit that the UK** is very poor at serving their Female Stars for a long time
  4. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Right there Supervillain Power’s Out masterpieces.MASTER PIECES.
  5. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Yes Nicole A Threat....... Https://youtu.be/tE6SRBnDHx8
  6. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Homecoming easily
  7. LetoyaLuckettStan

    With Notable Vocal and performance skill and British Solo Fame was Nicole Scherzinger a threat to the industry? Nicole’s only disadvantage was poor solo music and Poor marketing. I bet you a MILLION that had all the dolls sang and she had a neutral spot....her image would’ve been PERFECT. Even if you don’t like her.....you can’t help but see that she could’ve been a pop force and Possible** icon
  8. I mean....the world is gonna always talk about people who are different but what makes it ok in the end is that only the unique are remembered HOWEVER...... if his actions are “baiting” then idk what to say
  9. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Future nostalgia is a reverse experience
  10. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Tbh she is rising above her peers in terms of flavor, you go lipa. You go.....
  11. LetoyaLuckettStan

    She was never given a proper start with her label and all she had to rely on was internet talk.... She is very talented and holds more capability than most of her peers. This is not a Nicole Scherzinger situation (but even she sang very well)
  12. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Celeb News

    Or that random line in I don’t need a man
  13. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Celeb News

    Melody had avoided for the sake of her going to therapy after the initial breakup
  14. The problem nowadays is that none of these artists actually have people who like them HOWEVER, industry clout will help them make this “smoke on mirrors” type of “fame”. As a youth myself.....I can’t get the appeal
  15. Interesting.....love me some Nicole, Carmit actually has a voice so she should’ve sang something.......we don’t need another jai ho situation