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  1. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Music Video

    This direction fits her so well, Katy can make pop trends good and this proved it you go Kathryn Hudson-Bloom
  2. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Maybe my username wasn’t mediocre after all given it was nominated for FOTP awards but anyways Simon, beloved, I get it
  3. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Mind you a lot of the same ol EDM pop fans aren’t gonna understand
  4. LetoyaLuckettStan

    As an RnB fan, I’m not worried for that either
  5. LetoyaLuckettStan

    With tasteless minimalism as the dominant trend in music, with lessers receiving push and decline in artistry..... Has being mediocre become the current/new standard???? discusssssssss.
  6. It’s a bear’s necessity
  7. LetoyaLuckettStan


    Intimate and live still trumps
  8. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Beyoncé Self titled but also Emancipation.....I tend to like a lot of europop albums but there’s so many
  9. LetoyaLuckettStan

    I stan too but eggsplain beloved.
  10. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Both women’s careers took different heights and were holding it down in their own right BUT if you only compare their 2000s discography......who is the superior gal? lemme rejog your memory: 2000: Music vs Light Years 2003: body language vs American Life 2005-2007: X vs Confessions so........
  11. LetoyaLuckettStan


    Any album that has I was gonna cancel AND into the blue is gonna win
  12. LetoyaLuckettStan

    I just wanna say.....even the greats don’t prove much until that 3RD ERA She’ll have time to prove if she’s got it.
  13. LetoyaLuckettStan

    and also both serve important purposes Before Madonna’s debut, the careers of pop girls in that lane were a bit different and afterwards almost every MPG coincidentally has a parallel career moment (Beyoncé metamorphosis:Similar to Madonna’s new life with Ray of light) Janet’s dancing is very influential/respected and anytime a black face is winning In mainstream it is a Win Win
  14. LetoyaLuckettStan

    Both very famous and respected singers. Both influential. Both the sh!t. Both rich and unbothered. Why are the Soft spoken Gary Indiana native and Detroit mastermind pit against each other?
  15. LetoyaLuckettStan

    May i ask you to provide examples?