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  1. Queen Amy and Evanescence killed it again they killed it. One of their best videos yet!! My favorite legendary band kills it again yaaass
  2. 10! My fav song of her ever YAAAASSS!! This should have been a single and a video.
  3. DIAMANTE (@DIAMANTEband) Tweeted: My second studio album, American Dream, is dropping May 7th!! Pre-save / pre-order to automatically receive a free link to my virtual album listening Taco Party!! (Details will be emailed to you in 4 weeks) 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/JDAnhlUU7c Diamante’s new album American Dream drops May 7th with lead single and brought forth the video for “Ghost Myself” I “Serves You Right” “Iris (ft. Ben Burnley from Breaking Benjamin) (GGD Cover)” and “I Love Myself For Hating You” even “When I’m Not Around” Who’s ready to stan?
  4. Watch sis kill it in this video. I’m glad she made a video for this song. yaaaaaasss bet slaaay queen.
  5. Omg this album is so good. So many good tracks that deserves to be singles here. This album slaps highkey. Melon Cake is the best track along with Met Him Last Night, California Sober, and TAOSO. But Melon Cake needs to a single. Yaaasss I’ve always stanned ha for a reason.
  6. This album is so good. So a brief review for right now from my favorite band, One of their heaviest. I’ll write a full review when I get more time. Legendescence, Queen Amy, Have it done it again. Yaaaaaassss. This is easily the best album released this year so far. My favorite 5 : 1. Far From Heaven 2. Take Cover 3. Blind Belief 4. Broken Pieces Shine 5: Better Without You/Use My Voice
  7. This is such a bop. I been playing it alot. I think she should serve an album. Sis would slaaaay.
  8. I love this song it’s catchy and creepy, but I dig this. Not really a CORPSE fan. But I love MGK! This is good. Slaay king!
  9. I really am tempted to hear the whole album. I think I’m going to wait day of release. And be a good Ev stan, I’m just gonna hear one track by the reviews “Far From Heaven” is a great power ballad. I think imma go hear that one only and aside from singles released. I’m ready for this new era. My favorite band of all time is back. QUEEN AMY AND EV WE STAN!
  10. @Divine https://fotpforums.com/topic/187694-peach-prc/
  11. Social media star and pop singer who is best recognized for the comedy and singing videos she posts to her peachprc TikTok account. Her videos have earned her over 1.1 million followers on the platform. I love all her posts and videos. And her music is good. She is coming for your faves for sure!
  12. I love this bop, especially cause I have an ex named Josh. I really hope she makes an album.
  13. There’s already a threaf for this sis. I made it ages ago. And yaaaaaass. So hyped about the album!!!
  14. She said the video was shot last month. And this song is the best off the album. Glad it’s a single.