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  1. Karmacode AJ

    Music Video

    This is her best song. It's such a bop. I've had on repeat.
  2. Karmacode AJ

    Fill The Crown by Poppy. This song been on repeat for awhile. It's such a bop
  3. Karmacode AJ

    I'm gay and I haven't abandoned het sis.
  4. Karmacode AJ

    Aristocrat is awesome. I love X it's such a classic. But Play Destroy, Hard Feelings, Girls In Bikinis and In A Minute are bops.
  5. Premiering rn sis. Queen gon Slay! Edit : My fav Poppy video and song so far. Queen really delivered with this video and song. The lyrics are deep. Queen delivered again. @kruspetiddies What do you think of this epicness? She's happier in her new pics with Ghostemane. I'm glad she got rid of Titanic. He's a joke.
  6. Karmacode AJ

    I like some of her stuff. But sometimes she looks low key trashy.
  7. Karmacode AJ

    Far from being album of the year sis.
  8. Karmacode AJ


    Tis does slap. Yassss.
  9. Karmacode AJ

    If every song on it is a bop so far. It's gotta be good. I can't wait sis.
  10. Karmacode AJ

    Celeb News

    That's her and Ghostemane. A lot think they're dating now. I ship them tho.
  11. Karmacode AJ

    Celeb News

    Me too. Queen gon slay.
  12. Karmacode AJ

    Celeb News

    It might. I'm so amped. My profile picture is from part of the Fill The Crown video.
  13. Karmacode AJ

    Celeb News

    She's free from Titanic's clutches in new single "Fill The Crown" hitting platforms at 9 PM PT. 4th single off "I Disagree" She says "You can be anyone you want to be You can be free You can be free You can live happily, just turn the key We can be free Just come with me" In the snippet. This song sounds so deep. I think it'll be her best song off I Disagree yet. I love the vibe. Queen is free from that narcissistic trash Titanic. She don't need him.
  14. Karmacode AJ


    Well technically at 9 PM PT and 12 AM ET
  15. Karmacode AJ


    I don't how I feel about this new robotic sis. I like her song Money tho. I