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  1. Karmacode AJ


    First album my cousin bought for me Let Go by Avril Lavigne With my own money Still Not Getting Any.. by Simple Plan
  2. Karmacode AJ


    Girrrrl this song one of her best easily. I stan for this girl right here.
  3. The new NHL anthem. Their new album is gonna be amazing. Love it so far!
  4. Karmacode AJ


    This album drops tomorrow. I'm so excited! I'll do a review as well!
  5. She slaaaays hard in this video. And I love the song. She's definitely back. I will always stan for her.
  6. Karmacode AJ

    Their new one. We Are Not Your Kind is amazing asf.
  7. Karmacode AJ


    I'm soooo excited!!!! Yasss!!! Love the album cover. Queen gon slay!
  8. Karmacode AJ

    All of those are amazing.
  9. Karmacode AJ


    I saw them today took alot of videos. This album is gonna be amazing. They rocked live tonight!!!
  10. Karmacode AJ

    Celeb News

    Her best album is Under My Skin. But The Best Damn Thing yasssssss! Love that album thooooo! I love her albums.
  11. Karmacode AJ

    That's their best album!
  12. Today is the Pop Punk Queen's birthday Mrs Avril Lavigne. Happy 35th! Today I'm playing all her sons on repeat.
  13. This song is the best song on the album and it needs a video!
  14. Karmacode AJ

    I love Kesha but flop! Jhene Aiko - Sativa
  15. https://loudwire.com/evanescence-acoustic-russia-equipment-truck-accident/ Yass that's how epic this band is. And why Amy Lee is my role model!