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  1. She really killed it with this one!!! This sounds very Kerli-esque! Oversoul is gonna be the EP we need! I wish she would make a new album already tho!
  2. Tracklisting : 1. rip my heart out 2. die for 3. depricating (ft. Siickbrain) 4. you hold my love 5. one last time 6. 24 (ft. Alexis Munroe) 7. hostage 8. taking over me (ft. Jasiah) It sounds like a great ep! Shouldve made it to an album at this point! Great singles so far!
  3. What a bawp!!! They both delivered Bad Omens and queen Poppy!! 🤘🏻
  4. She is back!!! Omg this is actually really freaking good!!! She is back!!! Yassss Maggie I sid not expect this! This is amazing!
  5. This is a bop fr!! Its so mystical and very Kerli! I feel like she is making a new album with this song and “21st Century Kids” yassss queen is back!
  6. Queen Kerli is def coming to slay with this one! I already pre saved on Apple Music!
  7. Yasssss Queen Maggie Mags coming to slaaaay!
  8. Yasssss! I love this from Queen Poppy! From the “Divinity” Soundtrack!
  9. Here is the Iconic video to the new bop!! I love this sound!!! her hits never disappoint ! ‘
  10. What a bop!!! Love Willow she is so talented!! Hopefully she brings in another smash album!!!! This is great!!!
  11. What another banger!!! They have come back!! I love how they have came back! This rocks!! Wh
  12. Pre-Save their epic fourteenth studio album out Jan 19th, 2024!!! Imma so stoked they are coming with a new album!! YAAASS