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  1. Poppy


    This album slaps so hard yass Queen Poppy showed how it’s done.
  2. Poppy


    Yaaaaaas love her. This album is so good. You should be sad is such a good jam.
  3. Third single off Father of All.. The video is cute and the song is a bop. I can’t wait for this album!
  4. I love this song! Sis killed it. Yas
  5. Poppy


    She really did. Queen killed it like always. This album is a masterpiece.
  6. Poppy


    Please be real.
  7. Poppy


    After listening to this masterpiece album every song is on point this is a gem album no fillers. I enjoyed this album. Queen Poppy slays everytime. L This album took me to a magical journey. Album of the year hands down. Today is #IDisagreeDay as of Jan 10th! And she said in T. Mills interview that Anything Like Me and Nothing I Need we’re her closest songs to her. So I would love to see a vid to Nothing I Need. Hopefully all the songs get videos! This is amazing. Happy I Disagree Day! And my I Disagree Shirt comes tomorrow! She’s already made 5 amazing videos. 1. Concrete 2. I Disagree 3. BLOODMONEY 4. Fill The Crown 5. Anything Like Me Anything Like Me, Nothing I Need, Sick Of The Sun, Fill The Crown are my absolute faves. I love all the tracks tho!!!! Queen Poppy slays again!!! My top 5 tracks. 1. Anything Like Me 2. Nothing I Need 3. Sick of the Sun 4. Fill The Crown 5. Bite Your Teeth
  8. This video is soooo amazing. It’s the best song off the album. And the video is her best. The director Jesse Draxler killed it. Poppy killed it. Queen delivered a solid album with no fillers yasss. I love this song and video.
  9. Poppy


    This album is album of the year easily this album is so flawless. This era is fucking beautiful. Yasss.
  10. https://youtu.be/qmMm1TwYYns Video premire of Queen Poppy’s newest single “Anything Like Me” This is new fav Poppy song. And she’s back to brunette. Slay it queen! Premieres @ 9 PM PT/12 PM ET  I can’t handle this epicness rn.
  11. Yasssss. They slayed and they are definitely back! This video and song slaps they did a good cover. I can’t wait for my fav band here in 2020!
  12. Omg this sounds amazing this album is gonna be kick ass and I can’t wait for my album t shirt to come in Slay queen slay!
  13. Oh I know they’re so good. I’m ready for this album. Every song released is a bop. The snippets sound good. I’m so ready!
  14. Yassss Hayley slaaaaaaay!
  15. Yass. I’m so hyped. My album and album cover T shirt shipped today! Yasss first video where she has brunette hair Yassssss queen coming for wigs!