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  1. https://www.altpress.com/news/poppy-ghostemane-engagement/ Yaaasss congrats to both! Queen Poppy’s ring looks soo amazing and unique this awesome!!
  2. Yaaasss they gonna serve Kesha always does! So does Wrabel! Out tomorrow tonight!
  3. They served it honey. The song is amazing. These legends are back. I can’t wait for my fav band’s new album been stanning since Pre-Fallen eras! I love the effects in the video.
  4. I love it it does sound like TOD-esque. I’ve had in on repeat since it officially came out 25 mins ago. They served it! QUEEN IS BACK!!
  5. Beat me to the punch to be OP. I seriously can’t wait my fav band delivered with WOY. Yaaaasss they’re back I can’t wait for The Bitter Truth! They servin for reals!
  6. Poppy


    I can’t wait for this alhum. Queen is gonna snatch wigs!
  7. Sis she has all of those. Avatars we gotta support this legend in the making!
  8. Poppy


    Beat me to it! I was gonna post this!!! I’m so perched and excited LEGENDESCENCE is coming for your faves!!! My fav band YASSSSS
  9. I’m perched for this sis!
  10. She served yaaazz. All my fav artists are coming back this year!
  11. Poppy


    Kelly is coming to serve!
  12. https://twitter.com/lindsaylohan/status/1245462380005462023?s=20 Queen is coming for your faves!! I been dieng to hear new stuff ever since Spirit In The Dark got scrapped...
  13. New single! Video clip is trippy! Queen is back. Yaazzzz. Get ready! Video out Friday!
  14. Poppy


    This song is a fucking BAWP!!! Release the album already slay queen everything she releases is a bawp!
  15. Poppy


    I’m on the battlefield like Oh My God.