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  1. Weird video! But queen killed it as always!!!!!! Yaazz!!
  2. New single! Video clip is trippy! Queen is back. Yaazzzz. Get ready! Video out Friday!
  3. Poppy


    This song is a fucking BAWP!!! Release the album already slay queen everything she releases is a bawp!
  4. Poppy

    Music Video

    I’m glad she’s released it’s such a classic bawp. Hope she releases a video for this!!!!!
  5. Poppy


    I’m on the battlefield like Oh My God.
  6. Poppy


    I live in Vegas. Her last date is in May. Me and my husband trying to go see her. I seen her 4 times. Sis. She needs to do a WORLD TOUR tho. This song is gonna be lit tho. it sounds like a BOP!!
  7. Poppy


    Queen is back for REAL!!!! Queen come back to slay!!!!!! I can’t wait for the video and a tour giiiiirrrl boom it’s on
  8. That serve is fierce!
  9. Poppy


    Queen Poppy opening for Deftones. And Gojira is on the bill. I’m going Aug 1st. She’s coming for wigs. This is so noice.
  10. Poppy


    She killed it. Most def. Kim is back. She needs to drop and video and slaaay.
  11. Poppy

    Music Video

    Yassss I love it so much!!!!! Mother Maria killed it. I can’t wait for this album!!
  12. Poppy


    This album slaps so hard yass Queen Poppy showed how it’s done.
  13. Poppy


    Yaaaaaas love her. This album is so good. You should be sad is such a good jam.
  14. Third single off Father of All.. The video is cute and the song is a bop. I can’t wait for this album!