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  1. Lilac

    I hope she charts with this but at this rate it’s not looking so good for Ms. Katheryn This is such a bop what was she thinking releasing Small Talk when she has excellence like this?¿ streaming it as we speak xoxo
  2. I just listened to it... She literally sounds like she has snails stuck in her throat- Embarrassing
  3. I would love if Bey made an album like When I Get Home! Give us some experimental tracks!
  4. Lilac

    She’s joking y’all
  5. Funny how they said nothing before it got popular, they literally supported the song up until now messy on both sides tbh but whatever. Stream Truth Hurts!
  6. The Avon lady and her legendaric album come to mind, the gays keep screeching about Kylie wtf is a Kylie?
  7. Lilac

    I just got done fighting with a w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶t̶w̶i̶n̶k̶ Camila Stan on twitter who was trying to come for Normani imagine thinking a racist lying rat who preys on helpless homos (miss Shawn) is better than a queen who is a professional dancer, gymnast, hard worker, and isn’t a plagiarist. The icing on the cake is she isn’t RACIST Also her voice is annoying for the love of god she reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks even Xtina’s screeching is a gift sent from god compared to this circus act. Her music just isn’t the tea for me, I would suggest for her to become a Youtuber, she looks and sounds like she could be a good vlogger If that doesn’t work I hear that Olive Garden is always looking for someone to hire!
  8. Lilac

    Yes, but Billie, Normani, Lizzo, Ariana, and Rosalia are here to save pop music The “good ole days” are unfortunately over, the youth of today don’t care about talent they love quicklittlesingles.gif, trap music, and “relatable” pop music about sex money and depression. People's attention span are just so short nowadays which is why we have all these disposable flash in the pan artists. RnB is thriving though so I’m not complaining, I’ll stick to listening to Sza and Solange while pop music gets their shxt together
  9. Lilac

    Did anyone try the Teenage Dream? I thought the Teenage Dream was lovely!
  10. A racist AND a liar.mp3 once again not surprised
  11. They’re so... bland I could maybe understand if they were attractive but they’re literally so bland- They’re serving me:
  12. Lilac

    Beyoncé’s self titled really opened my eyes to talent and excellency I’ve never been the same ever since Same goes for Born This Way, aka Gaga’s magnum opus! Anti holds a special place in my heart I listened to it nonstop the moment it came out it was therapeutic to listen to during my “dark times”
  13. Lilac

    Idk... but what I DO know is every time I buy a package of Oreos at the store I think of her! If that doesn’t scream “longevity” and “impact” idk what does! Also y’all won’t admit the fact that Liberation was an incredible album. Didn’t deserve to flop imo. She deserves to be an IT girl simply for making this delicious bop: