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  1. I don’t condone that “beverage” but that’s the first thing that came to my mind seeing shiny intelleon (that’s probably not a good thing but oh well)
  2. 1.Intelleon (Sizzurp) 2.Coalossal (Zotz) 3. Corvinknight (Stymphalia) 4. Toxicitry (Hendrix) 5. Appletun (Streusel) 6. Grimmsnarl (Karma) Oh my god I was so tired of hunting I finished the 7th gym last night I’ll try to write my review on the game later. (even though it doesn’t matter anymore)
  3. I FINALLY HAVE A FULL SHINY TEAM OMG I can finally play the game yasss
  4. Do you guys know if it’s possible to trade Pokémon in Leafgreen and Emerald before the Elite 4 or is it absolutely required to get the Ruby and Sapphire during the postgame? I want to play with a Gengar in Leafgreen but I only have Emerald to trade with
  5. Lilac

    Were we ever with her?
  6. Hatched 1000 eggs and still no shiny impidimp I still haven’t completed the game because I’m a greedy faguette who wants my entire team to be shiny
  7. I’m going to pretend like I didn’t just read that-
  8. Let’s see how long I’m going to suffer trying to hunt for Impidimp
  9. Okay but why do all the female characters in this game radiate bad bitch energy ajbjdsdjsdjs the designs are on POINT. The male characters are decent, some are flat out ugly Leon and that gym leader who is a steel type (I think) can run a train on me
  10. Just hatched a shiny sobble after only 22 eggs at this point, fxck it I’m just going to have a full shiny team idc anymore go big or go home
  11. I FINALLY GOT SHINY ROLYCOLY BITCHES 1001 encounters omg I can finally play the game I named it Zotz after the candy!
  12. I’ve murdered 790 Rolycolys and I still haven’t found a shiny fucking Rolycoly Why is my game so homophobic I just want to play the game omg
  13. Does anyone have a non-eng Ditto they're willing to trade? Im not even done with the first gym but I have a level 1 Galarian Ponyta and Level 10 Sobble if anyone wants one I need to Masuda Method for a Impidimp I’m a desperate heaux
  14. Lilac

    He can blow up on me any day of the week
  15. I still haven’t gotten to the first gym cause I’m trying to shiny hunt for fxcking Rolycoly itsbeen84years.gif My Pokémon are already in the 30s because I’ve been committing mass rolycoly genocide for a shiny that has YET to show up we hate to see it