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  1. I was bored the other day and wrote an emo poem. Hope is for clowns. The earth is a circus. We dream of happy endings but no one can guarantee it. You could die unfulfilled unloved, so abruptly, for all we know true love is a sham and misery is our destiny. Just live and expect nothing. The only thing we are guaranteed is our place in the ground to rot or as ashes in an urn to be sprinkled around in the location of your choice if it can be afforded. We inhale love if we are lucky until it dies and then we exhale pain and sorrow, regret. It’s always so surprising even though none of us a
  2. Invisible String, Mad Woman, My Tears Ricochet
  3. Ya'll need to stop sleeping on this man. @Ariana stans too and has taste.
  4. Even though False God arguably the best song on Lover was done dirty thanks for the fun. @Dennis Reynolds @ArianaAmazing visuals sis. They will be remembered. Alexa play Long Live.
  5. I will be forever pissed at her for doing So It Goes dirty. It deserved fucking better and she only performed it acoustically at like two shows as a secret song.
  6. Love this fucking bop. It's one of my top songs on Lover.
  7. Don't Forget about Out Of The Woods and I Know Places.
  8. reputation is the album that made me stan it changed my life.