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  1. Because Swallow was made for white soccer moms. Yup yup yup!!
  2. Pauly Antonio


    hey y'all did you miss me?? probably not lol. don't worry I didn't leave yall for ATRL... I missed the sign up date :/ but its fine I lurked on there a couple days ago and Little Monstrosities made 9 threads about Beyonce losing the Golden Globe (as was literally expected) and I lost actual brain cells I've been on vacation so that's why ive been gone hehehe... but I'm back girlies. period
  3. Pauly Antonio


    where is she?
  4. Pauly Antonio

    thanks for checking my acc sis!!
  5. Pauly Antonio

    is everything ok at home?
  6. I think he should just come off and say his sexuality, its literally much easier than leaving people wondering. Especially since people will probably think he's queer baiting which I think is happening too, since its not his first time refusing to properly the answer the question. Granted, he doesn't HAVE too. But IMO it'll be easier to just come out and admit what he truly, even if hes just a feminine straight who's comfortable in his own body. It'll get annoying and played out soon enough.
  7. Pauly Antonio

    Not the fanbase trying to defend her....
  8. I truly cant remember where I was or what I was doing when this happened. Like for the life of me.
  9. I hope were all streaming and scrobbling today ladies!! Can you recall where you were when you found out this?!?!
  10. Pauly Antonio

    a classic
  11. Pauly Antonio


    lmaooo. its a bodysuit
  12. Pauly Antonio

    wait Miss Taylor looks kinda thicc in that pic...
  13. but has no business being compared to King Ricky
  14. speaking of this show.... anyone know where I can watch illegally lmaooo broke gang
  15. same. he can actually sing too. like I said Matt is just there so 12 year olds can look at him, and thats just that. we all stan Frankie