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  1. Pauly Antonio

  2. and she wasn't even there to accept it
  3. Pauly Antonio


    This 100% is going to trigger her fibromyalgia... cant believe Enigma JUST started back up again, don't be surprised at some cancelled dates.
  4. http://bit.ly/35M0MaT Queen of having a flop year while still getting legend awards a few main pop girls can't relate
  5. Pauly Antonio

    Bc we stan the superior Maldicion
  6. okay but when will Lizzo's songs from her ALBUM pop off??
  7. Pauly Antonio


    I was going for Beyonce collaborating with Solo with Solange's type of sound. But this works too I guess.
  8. Just wanted to come here to say to stream Lights Up by Harry Styles.
  9. Pauly Antonio


    she didn't even spell it right...
  10. Whether it's an album or just a cute song moment Both different vibes and different styles of music and styles of singing. But would these two work well together?? Lets discuss hoes also, its my birthday, please give me attention!
  11. I didn’t know Kylie Jenner sang
  12. Pauly Antonio

    Lewis Capaldi
  13. I honestly hate this song but at least we have the greatest video of all time sooo...
  14. Someone help me... do I get it or...??