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  1. who is you, chiron?


    Mani ATE that bridge and the choreo was great too! She's such a star I was completely focused on her in the MV.
  2. who is you, chiron?


    Song and Video OUT NOW! Please buy and stream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1MxCSRWgI0
  3. who is you, chiron?


  4. who is you, chiron?

    I've heard people speak highly of the audiobook. Maybe that would a better way to get the book and all the various characters and tones. I haven't started it yet but I've definitely nothing but good things about Evelyn Hugo book.
  5. That video absolutely broke my heart. I can only imagine what she's endured from the invasion of her privacy with the media hacking their text messages, taking pictures of their home which is why they had to move, and father and sister being absolute TRASH and attempting to profit off her life at every turn. Pierce Morgan and the rest of the UK trash that constantly berate her for waving, holding her husbands hand, cradling her baby bump. They have made it incredibly difficult for them and I'm glad that her husband is taking steps to protect her so she doesn't endure what his mother did but also by pursuing litigation against them as well. Definitely praying for her continued strength in the midst of it all.
  6. who is you, chiron?


    Stunning ... absolutely flawless and looking like money.
  7. who is you, chiron?


    With my allowance, I remember buying Unpredictable by Jamie Foxx and Confessions by Usher.
  8. who is you, chiron?


    Best Mistake | One Last Time | Love Me Harder
  9. who is you, chiron?

    Celeb News

    Mark Ruffalo said it best and to those trying to group a former president and first lady into this, you're reaching. Also, no one is canceling Ellen and frankly no one has the power to do so. But there's nothing wrong with constructive criticism and Ellen has made some interesting choices that can and will be addressed including her privilege in this world that allows her to to be "kind" and build a friendship with him despite his wrongdoings or her support of Kevin Hart despite his ignorance and violent homophobia.
  10. who is you, chiron?


    If you wanna grab a copy for a slightly cheaper price point it's currently on US Amazon for pre-order for $97.66 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0714878014/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  11. who is you, chiron?


    The vinyl is on UO with a purple disc! I've gotta have it. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/labrinth-euphoria-original-score-from-the-hbo-series-limited-lp
  12. who is you, chiron?


  13. who is you, chiron?

    Celeb News

    Looks like you spent all your time just viewing the headline and copying the links rather than reading them In NONE of the articles you provided does it share any detail of them meeting one another in a casual setting as friends but rather as those who have shared the same office. Each of those events they gathered for were in a professional capacity + a funeral. It's significantly different then Ellen and George and once again that was an expectation of a President and First Lady to engage with the former one. Every picture in every article he's meeting them on official matters those exchanges are not comparable to him and Ellen. Do you get it now?
  14. who is you, chiron?

    Celeb News

    There is absolutely no "valid" criticism in a former president and first lady interacting with another, especially when it was done in a professional capacity. Michelle Obama gave him hugs cause she's kind but I don't recall them meeting up with GWB for social events. What criticism do they garner for being cordial and respectful to someone who also shared the same role prior?