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  1. millitanthomo


    I think you know luv
  2. millitanthomo


    there's actually only one I haven't listened to
  3. millitanthomo


    I'm gonna assume that I can just skip the ones I haven't listened to
  4. millitanthomo

    chile.. how has my opinion's changed this much in just 3 months? Butterfly (=) Daydream (+3) Caution (+1) Mariah Carey (+8) The Emancipation of Mimi (-3) Charmbracelet (=) Rainbow (-4) Emotions (+1) E=MC² (+1) Glitter (-3) Musicbox (=) Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel (+1) Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse (-5)
  5. millitanthomo

    the rap erasure chile
  6. millitanthomo

    there're some real sickos in this world
  7. millitanthomo


    1. Happiness is a Butterfly - Urbi 2. Happiness is a Butterfly - Hunty Bear 3. How to Disappear - Chris 4. How to Disappear - Ghostface 5. Happiness is a Butterfly - Americunt 6. Happiness is a Butterfly - Andres 7. Happiness is a Butterfly - Fletch 8. How to Disappear - Pandora 9. How to Disappear - militanthomo 10.  11.
  8. millitanthomo

    I know damn well she’s not about to retire before giving us NM5
  9. millitanthomo


    1. Hope - Urbi 2. Hope - Fletch 3. Hope - Ghostface 4. The Next Best American Record - Americunt 5. The Next Best American Record - Hunty Bear 6. Hope - Simón 7. The Next Best American Record - Chris 8. The Next Best American Record - Andres 9. The Next Best American Record - Pandora 10. The Next Best American Record - millitanthomo 11. 12.
  10. millitanthomo

    the barbz just wont let up on him ddddd at first, I thought he was hiding his stanning history because he wanted to come off as straight but now that he is out its just coming off as bit odd
  11. millitanthomo


    well my favorite atm is Aaliyah... I literally can't answer for all time though like I literally can't overexaggerate how much my opinion on music changes
  12. millitanthomo


    State of Grace vs. Welcome to New York Red vs. Blank Space Treacherous vs. Style I Knew You Were Trouble vs. Out of the Woods All Too Well vs. All You Had to Do Was Stay 22 vs. Shake It Off I Almost Do vs. I Wish You Would We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together vs. Bad Blood Stay Stay Stay vs. Wildest Dreams The Last Time vs. How You Get the Girl Holy Ground vs. This Love Sad Beautiful Tragic vs. I Know Places The Lucky One vs. Clean Everything Has Changed vs. Wonderland Starlight vs. You Are in Love Begin Again vs. New Romantic Red: 10 1989: 6
  13. millitanthomo


    idk why but I HATED false god on first listen but I think it's one of my faves now
  14. millitanthomo


    wow I'm really outta here huh?