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  1. One of the students at my school died recently cry5

  2. Rest in peace, SOPHIE

  3. All love to @Divine. Good luck!

  4. Did I just remember something?

  5. Last.fm is a fucking mess right now

    1. Kuchisabishii
    2. mylifelies


      21 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

      How? Wdym?

      Some songs don't have their youtube links/spotify playlinks anymore for some reason

    3. Kuchisabishii


      59 minutes ago, mylifelies said:

      Some songs don't have their youtube links/spotify playlinks anymore for some reason

      They have to be manually added

  6. It's my birthday, expect me to rot in this world for at least 1 more year.

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      happy birthday <3

    3. Royale


      Happy Birthday fellow Sagittarius! oprah1

    4. Dan


      Happy birthday :D 

  7. Xtina and Billie have the same birthdays? scream1

  8. My city is going to get like tons of snow today, somewhere around 10-16 inches

  9. Will someone move the FOTP Big Brother section to archives? It's been sitting here for 8 months...

    1. Max


      That would need the staff checking the site, soooo... jj2

  10. I just got a new Apple Watch today

    1. Daenerys


      omg i love mine!

    2. Dan


      Yas Apple Watches are the best 

  11. Follow up to last status update: I feel better now, and I don’t feel stressed out as often unlike last week

  12. I have never been this stressed in my life.


    My school recently changed their schedule because every single school building in my state is closed, and I don't like it.


    If things get worse, I might have to take a break from the Internet for a few days

  13. I just realized my voice got deeper

  14. I got an ad on this site about an online store that I don’t know of until now closing

  15. its over...the disaster is gone...

  16. whats with the server error in the last hour? 

  17. fuck the 2016 election, we need some real change

  18. My Mac can’t boot up properly. I’m going to contact Apple Support tonight if the problem is fixed 

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    2. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      Damn. You might've fried it. Did you install anything new lately, or update anything?

    3. mylifelies
    4. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      jodie1 I'm at a loss, then.

  19. I attended the Ava Max album launch party in ROBLOX a couple of days ago and it was disappointing, like seriously you have to pay ROBUX for the items.

    1. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      That's what you get for attending.


  20. so apparently I won't be able to go to my first set of classes today

  21. does anyone also watch videos on bilibili? it's like youtube, but it's (only) in chinese

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I sometimes download clips that I can't find on YouTube

  22. even though they have different styles of music, i feel like allie x's voice sounds more like poppy

    1. Venom


      What an awful thing to say about Allie, someone who can do high notes and also live her life without doing something immoral every 2 seconds jj4

  23. my sister is turning 13 today