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    Yeah the poll system here is pretty janky I suggest you use Google Forms instead
  2. A masterpiece My trio: This Is Me Trying, My Tears Ricochet, The 1
  3. And as always, here's the placings in the case an artist is out:
  4. The second and final game of the 2020 Spotlight Artists series. All the spotlight artists from last year have came back to see who deserves to get a FOTP Fave section (and if Kylie, Selena, Ellie or Dua wins, deserved to get a FOTP fave section). Who will win? Each artist starts with 25 points each, as always. Hopefully this will stay consistent because last game wasn't. Billie Eilish - 25 BLACKPINK - 25 Miley Cyrus - 25 Halsey - 25 Rina Sawayama - 25 Nicki Minaj - 25 Charli XCX - 25 The Weeknd - 25 Doja Cat - 25 Dua Lipa - 25 Ellie
  5. I'll do one for the 2020 Spotlight Artists
  6. I wish but someone asked me to end the game
  7. @Gwen Stefanee asked me to end the game because there's too much inconsistencies. Here's the final results based on the final message sent by @Grams: 8th place - Ariana Grande (36) 7th place - Dua Lipa (42) 6th place - Rihanna (45) 5th place - Beyonce (46) 4th place - Lady Gaga (51) 3rd place - Britney Spears (57) 2nd place - Madonna (60) 1st place - Mariah Carey (75) If his +5/-5 method counts, then this is what the results would've looked like: 8th place - Ariana Grande (35) 7th place - Dua Lipa (40) =6th place - Beyon
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    @Euglena50 this should help
  9. 1. Delete the first poll from the previous round 2. Create another one 3. Add your new choices in that poll OPTIONAL - You can change the title of that poll if you want.
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    Since you can't delete threads this will have to be moved to wasteland.
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    You can remove that poll and post the next round there and mention those that are playing. I think you can create a new poll by simply removing the poll that you've created and make a new one.