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  1. Welcome to Season 0 of Color Palette! Now you might be asking yourself, why is this Season 0? Isn't it supposed to be Season 1? Well let me tell you - I want things to run smoothly as possible. This is a test season, meaning there will be simpler themes. Also, no twists will be in: that will be in the first real season. Let's start with the first theme, shall we? As the theme suggests, you are free to use any outfit. If you use an outfit that could break forum rules, I'll get in trouble. Like literally. Just don't fuck this up. I'm doing this theme for the first round
  2. Okay then. You guys get 5 extra points for showing up I guess
  3. I honestly wish I can. But...the show has just started and I really can't give you points for such things
  4. I'll wait for the next 7 minutes for everyone to show up, otherwise...I'm gonna reveal the theme.