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    The stans. They're coming.
  2. mylifelies

    Celeb News

    I thought this wasn't legit...it's real.
  3. mylifelies

    Yes (they're still forgettable to this day and there's still people who stan them in 2021. )
  4. mylifelies

    Taylor loves the CIA? didnt know that
  5. All love to @Divine. Good luck!

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    Summertime Sadness
  7. mylifelies


    Lemme guess? X did something bad?
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    Ed Sheeran | Homelessness Isn't Ideal (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) | Lead Single | Week 1
  9. mylifelies

    I said Lady Gaga is reserved by another host.
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    Yes, just state the artist you're gonna be. Sadly you can't pick Gaga cos shes reserved.
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    Ed Sheeran is back, baby!
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    Sour Candy
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    Jenice Dena Portlock (born November 24, 1987),[1] also known as Sabi, is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actress from Los Angeles, California. She was formerly part of the hip hop girl group, The Bangz. She is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records.[2][3]
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    Jeez...hope he gets better
  15. Congrats to them (if true)
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    So Carrie is making Christian music now?
  17. mylifelies


    Is it gonna happen?