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  1. This is really cheesy. I love Coldplay, but this is their worst song yet. BTS didn't get a lot of parts aside from them.
  2. And round 1 is over. Good Days got an average of 9.8, which when rounded up is a 10! Here's the next song - Hit Different
  3. My old username: My Future You Need Me, I Don’t Need You Love Lies I Kissed A Girl Famous Last Words Everybody Talks Let Her Go I’m Yours Eraser Sleep
  4. How it works - Every day or so I will post a new SZA song for you to rate. You will rate it out of 10. All songs will be taken from the order of this playlist, but I will add some unreleased songs into the mix to keep it going. (By the way, I will not add songs that she is featured in) Round archive - Taglist: