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  1. So girls, Petals For Armor...... @Gabe.Opinions?
  2. I stan the album, sounds like Warrior mixed with Rainbow and I think I actually prefer it to Rainbow
  3. I should have checked this because I listened in order of release! Well I'm actually still processing AC at the moment nn it's so long and sprawling I wanna be into every song properly before I move on. How would you rank the three albums hun?
  4. I downloaded AC, MA and HW. Shall I listen in release order, and what’s the vibe of each album? Also what’s the best of them? Thanks stans
  5. My favourite solo artist of all time Can we discuss ho UNDERRATED Biophilia is though? An hour of bliss
  6. We love the best band in the rock section AL is growing on me a LOT, yesterday at work we could all choose an album to play in store and I chose AL, was bopping to every song, and idle worship and no friend together, n experience
  7. Hope all the Paramore stans had a gorgeous Christmas and let's hope we get SOMETHING in 2020
  8. Hayley followed Jeremy on twitter.....erm
  9. Gals on reddit were dragging because it's the AL logo with an ST lyric I'm also getting a joint tattoo of Paramore and my other favourite band (Slipknot) of the BNE butterfly coming out my fav Slipknot mask. Perched
  10. It's just a spark with the al logo on my arm <3
  11. The only thing is is it's the After Laughter logo (simply because iit's way nicer than the band logo) with a lyric from self titled so idk now
  12. extra as fuck but im getting a TATTOO with the logo and lyric its just a spark
  13. Do we know any more about this yet? I followed the account but I just don't get it
  14. Bump for the best band of all time
  15. Not yet, in all honesty I would rather start with an album than best of though