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  1. So girls, Petals For Armor...... @Gabe.Opinions?
  2. Warrior > High Road > Rainbow > Cannibal > Animal
  3. I stan the album, sounds like Warrior mixed with Rainbow and I think I actually prefer it to Rainbow
  4. I like it but not as much as Simmer, it's not as memorable. Still cute though!
  5. I should have checked this because I listened in order of release! Well I'm actually still processing AC at the moment nn it's so long and sprawling I wanna be into every song properly before I move on. How would you rank the three albums hun?
  6. I downloaded AC, MA and HW. Shall I listen in release order, and what’s the vibe of each album? Also what’s the best of them? Thanks stans
  7. ok so i really like it but I'm still comprehending. @Gabe. perch discord we must DISCUSS
  8. Unsainted/Critical Darling/Spiders the trinity Honestly though the first three albums > WANYK. They have a really strong discography though, especially for a metal band
  9. My favourite solo artist of all time Can we discuss ho UNDERRATED Biophilia is though? An hour of bliss
  10. @Poppy please discuss them with me im OBSESSED
  11. We love the best band in the rock section AL is growing on me a LOT, yesterday at work we could all choose an album to play in store and I chose AL, was bopping to every song, and idle worship and no friend together, n experience
  12. Keep that WRONG opinion. Future 2 though, we love the most daring moment from a band's best album!
  13. Hope all the Paramore stans had a gorgeous Christmas and let's hope we get SOMETHING in 2020
  14. Hayley followed Jeremy on twitter.....erm