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  1. Nadia Almada

    Do we know any more about this yet? I followed the account but I just don't get it
  2. Nadia Almada

    I can't pick between the first three as my favourite now all SLAP Surfacing is my fave atm
  3. aint it fun to snatch the win
  4. Nadia Almada

    Bump for the best band of all time
  5. Nadia Almada

    Not yet, in all honesty I would rather start with an album than best of though
  6. Nadia Almada

    I have tickets to see them live now - the first three albums all go off so much
  7. Nadia Almada

    What album is his best to start with, girls?
  8. Nadia Almada

    lmao same, i think all her fans were shook
  9. Nadia Almada

    All lead singles snap so hard, we stan a talented band
  10. Nadia Almada

    Ya'll Misery Business vs Ignorance? I would probably go Mis Bis but both scalp
  11. Nadia Almada

    Feeling Sorry SNAPS The worst part is this, THIS COULD BE YOU
  12. Nadia Almada

    Riot! was the first full album by Paramore I listened to, and I just feel like it's THE classic. I honestly think when it rains is one of there best songs , but I guess that's why BNE isn't my favourite, looking up brings ha down. Self titled >>> all though
  13. Nadia Almada

    why is riot your least favourite sis
  14. Nadia Almada

    What are the next best albums to go for after these?
  15. Nadia Almada

    ergh such a bop that united the emo's in school <3 probably their heaviest too?