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    Think bout you and touch it
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    Lemme Get That Only Girl Umbrella Don’t Stop The Music Love Song If It’s Lovin’ That You Want You Da One Answer Higher
  3. loudliyah

    No. This generation seems to look over her impact on the industry actually.
  4. loudliyah


    Living Proof
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  6. loudliyah

    Did we really expect much from her tho?? but yeah this was a mess.
  7. loudliyah

    Swallow Chris Evans
  8. loudliyah


    Half of ANTI was recorded in 2013/2014
  9. Well it’s her first album to go #1 on iTunes so she has to be doing something right
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  11. loudliyah

    Wasn’t a final decision but glam was definitely one in my head for early thoughts not using that now!
  12. loudliyah

    From #14 to #5?