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    I would go back to the X Era and I would attend its tour, it seemed cool from the videos I seen. I love electropop-Kylie
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    Love At First Sight... am I too basic?
  3. What You Waiting For? vs. Wind It Up Rich Girl vs. The Sweet Escape Hollaback Girl vs. Orange County Girl Cool vs. Early Winter Bubble Pop Electric vs. Now That You Got It Luxurious vs. 4 in the Morning Harajuku Girls vs. Yummy Crash vs. Fluorescent The Real Thing vs. Breakin' Up Serious vs. Don't Get It Twisted Danger Zone vs. U Started It Long Way to Go vs. Wonderful Life I'm a The Sweet Escape stan so...
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    I can't choose only one lol, my holy trinity is Animal, The Fame and Bionic
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    I didn't find this topic here, so I made it. It's actually hard to rank the songs on this album, I love all of them, but I'll try, and then tell me your personal rank: 1. In My Arms 2. Like A Drug 3. 2 Hearts 4. The One 5. No More Rain 6. Cosmic 7. Sensitized 8. Nu-di-ty 9. Wow 10. Stars 11. Heart Beat Rock 12. All I See 13. Speakerphone Such a shame there are only 13 tracks, a lot of unreleased songs recorded during the X Sessions are amazing and never got an official release
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    1. What You Waiting For? 2. Cool 3. Rich Girl 4. The Real Thing (slow jam mix) 5. Luxurious 6. Danger Zone 7. Serious 8. Bubble Pop Electric 9. Hollaback Girl 10. Crash 11. The Real Thing (normal version, the production is really trashy) 12. Long Way To Go 13. Harajuku Girls
  7. Me too, Emotional is only released in Japan if I'm not wrong
  8. Me too, Emotional is released only in Japan if I'm not wrong
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    Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado, a bop that you should give a listen to
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    I started supporting her 1 year ago, I wish I started before!
  11. gabsuxx

    Xtina's Christina Aguilera -> Genie In A Bottle Stripped -> The Voice Within Back To Basics -> Back In The Day Bionic -> Madam X (the alter ego she used in that Era) Lotus -> Light Up The Sky Liberation -> Maria